Notes from Professor Lynaths talk to the College of Ranor.

Nestled deep in the mountain ranges of the continent of Tyn-Veron sits the site of the lost city of Vor-Talyn. I journeyed there a little over a decade ago ago in the company of The Dowager Countess, The Archmage Chastormax, Morgaine of Lagriele, and the late Gremvol the Bear.

It was an arduous journey, as we passed through ruined and blasted lands towards the Criel Pinnacles, made even more arduous by the constant debates between the Dowager and the Archmage over what had torn this part of Tyn-Veron apart. Both seemed incredibly well informed of the magical devastation that befall this area, as if it was firsthand knowledge.  While I know that pesky Chastormax has been around for what seems like forever, I must admit to being terrified at the thought of asking The Dowager her age….

How did I get involved in this journey in the first place you ask? Well, when Morgaine arrives in your study and explains in that low voice that one’s presence is required, it’s best not to argue, especially when she is spinning a dagger on one fingertip…

Anyhow… so after trekking through the burnt lands and having several quite ‘hair raising’ encounters with its denizens, we arrived at the foothills of the Criel Ranges. It was here we met some quite cantankerous dwarves. Yes, they really did live up to the stereotype, and they all seemed to be quite put out that The Dowager and The Archmage were here (Of course, while cantankerous, they were obviously not idiots as they did not try to pick any actual quarrels with those two). After spending the night in their village, we headed off into the ranges.

This part of the journey made the burnt lands seem safe by comparison, and Morgaine and I have the magical powers of Gremvol, Chastormax and The Dowager to thank for our lives. Truly this is a deadly land. Eventually we reached an area in the mountains where a broken road stretched on from. We followed this broken road for several days until one evening, just as the sun was setting, we came across the site of Vor-Talyn. The broken features of this city stretched before us. Truly this was once a massive city and if the tales of old were anything to go by, home to well over a million souls before it’s fall.

Casting powerful magics to protect and anchor us, the Archmage and The Dowager explained that without these protections, we would be ‘drawn’ into the city and go back in time to relive the last days of its fall, time and time again without end, until this world was no more. Even my insatiable curiosity failed at that point, what use is exploring something, if one cannot write about it.

I resolved to question them both more on this at some stage in the future.

We entered the ruins of this once great city and here we saw marvels that have been lost to us all. The remains of massive bridges and buildings, great waterworks, and parks. This would truly have been a city at the pinnacle of its power before it’s fall. We explored some of the outer buildings and I found some quite interesting artifacts, which I will go into more detail of at another time.

Eventually we reached a tower, remarkedly undamaged amidst all these ruins and as I watched, one lone armored figure patrolled its battlements. Then it dawned on me who we looked upon. This was the tower of the Lone Knight. This was fable brought to life. This terrified me, for if that fable is true, then the great darkness he holds back must also be true.

We entered the grounds of the tower, past metal gates, wrought asunder as in the tale, and before us in the courtyard lay the crystallized remains of the evil beings he fought as he entered the tower. This was a sight I would never have believed I would have seen. As I gazed in stupor at this myth become live, the Lone Knight appeared. He greeted us warmly and then he, The Archmage and The Dowager clasped arms like old friends. Then he bade us all farewell and returned to his post.

“Is this it? What now” Morgaine asked.

“Now we leave.” The Dowager Countess answered. “We have delivered to him the blessings of the Gods anew and now we leave before this place traps us all.”

And so, we left. I will continue to implore them for us to visit again, for it is a city of wonder and of myth and must be explored in more detail.

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