From The Myths of The Arrival, Volume 3, by Professor Albert Lynath

The Izon Supremacy has many gods; however, I have only seen temples to two of them, The Twins. The other gods seem to be worshipped (if that is the correct word) privately. The Twins are said to be the epitome of what the citizens of the Supremacy aspire to; beautiful, skilled users of magic and incredibly capable warriors. It is no secret that the average citizen of the supremacy is likely more skilled at arms and magic than most you will find serving in the armies of your countries.

I once learnt a tale from the Archmage Cyrynsyke, Master of Evocation at Fróðleikr-Skyn. The tale is said to be from ‘The Arrival’ itself. It is said that once only a few great dragons lived on the world we now call Vanagard. One of the greatest of these was simply called Raud. He roamed over the continent we know as Gallia, home to the Izon Supremacy.

 One morning Raud was awoken by the sense of powerful magic. As he stirred and left his hidden lair, he saw many prismatic colored portals opening across the fields below him. As he watched he saw dragons of all colors and sizes appear from these portals, followed by what appeared to be flying ships. Still more armored people streamed from these portals, followed by numerous beings in robes of all hues.

Raud cast magic to make himself undetectable and took to the air so he could make sense of what was happening. As he circled high in the air, he saw these troops move out across the countryside and then what seemed like a never-ending multitude of people start coming through the portals behind them, old and young, some carrying children, some leading strange vehicles loaded with boxes and crates.  

Initially Raud was pleased as this looked to give him a lot more to hunt, however the thought of the numerous dragons that had flown past started to worry him. He returned to his lair to dwell on what his best option would be.

As Raud considered his options he grew aware of a presence approaching. A presence strong in magic. He wove magic and his arcane sight showed him the area outside his lair. Standing at the hidden entrance to his lair, were two gold armored elves. He studied them in detail, they were both nearly identical in height, one male and one female. It appeared that the male had one arm either coated in or made of what appeared to be platinum. The female carried a morningstar and the male, two axes. Their faces had some sort of tattooing across the bridge of their noses. They appeared to be probing the magical defenses he had in place. As he watched he started to feel uneasy as if they were watching him back.

Suddenly they vanished from view. Surprised, Raud went to move to find them, but as he started to move, they appeared in front of him. He drew back his head and bathed where they stood in dragon fire. As the fire subsided, they still stood there, apparently unharmed. Startled, Raud cast powerful magics at them and watched in horror as the male stepped forward and seemed to absorb his most powerful magics into his platinum arm.

The two elves laughed and smiled at Raud. “Come little brother’, they both said at once, “We have no quarrel with you. Submit and join us in this new land.” Raud roared at them in defiance. He submit? “Never!” he bellowed at them and breathed more dragon fire.

The elves in front of him smiled, unscathed by his fire. They leapt forward in unison, his axes swinging and her morning star heading straight towards Rauds head.   He reared back but could not escape their blows, He fought tooth and claw, but could not seem to land a blow on these strange elves. Their blows hit hard, and each one seemed to draw energy from him. After what seemed like an eternity, the elves stepped back and Ruad found himself lying on the floor of his lair.

“Now little brother” they said together, “Stop this foolishness and submit, for we are your new gods.”

As they said this, they dropped whatever magics they had been using to hide their true nature and Ruad saw them as they truly were. Amazed by a sight he never thought he would ever see, he mustered all of his remaining strength and rose to his full height, then dropped his head. “I submit and serve.”

They laughed and reached out and touch him with what were again elven hands. “No little brother, not serve, follow.” Their smiles touched his great heart, and he felt his wounds knitting back together. “Now, little brother, help us make this land safe for our people.”

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