Nico Storm, The Pirate Lord, a tale told by Mrs Nogg to her family.

Hello my children. Gather around and let me tell you a tale of a daring and ruthless Pirate. No, not Captain Salty, no no no. This is the tale of Nico Storm, a ruthless and daring Pirate Lord, feared by merchants everywhere and shunned by The Living Fleet. Bounties galore are on her head, and it is said that even those Elf Lords who run The Supremacy have her on a wanted list. Oh, what a time she did have.

In the towns by the coast there are tales to be told. Sailors tell of a boat to watch for, captained by Nico, the pirate with no mercy. She is said to be the start of the legend of the siren, calling ships to their doom with her voice and stunning looks.

It is said she was high born once, from a good family of well-respected merchants. Now when I say merchants, not like Mr Dickens at number 37, no think large offices, mansions, ships in every port and shops in every town. Now young Nico rebelled against the life that was planned for her and headed to the coast where she stowed away on a ship called the ‘Bonnie Wedding’. She was seeking adventure like so many before her.

She was eventually discovered onboard the ship and the captain, when he realized who she was, planned to return her to her family. Nico, appalled by the idea of a life planned to the minute, offered to help on the ship, at least until one of her family’s ships could be found. She worked twice as hard as any of the crew and kept their sprits up by singing at dinner, teaching them dances and generally making merry. By the time a ship was found that could take her home, the crew rebelled and overthrew the captain to keep the bonny lass aboard.

A new captain was elected. No not Nico, not yet. She worked hard and over time was promoted to first mate and had the loyalty of the ship’s crew. However, as is often the case in these tales, it appears by then there had been a change in her, many years at see had brought out a harshness in her that was not seen in the drawing rooms in the city she grew up in. The natural leadership skills she possessed had been turned from one day running her families shipping company to wanting to destroy it.

Nico told tales to the ships crew of the riches that could be found abord these ships that proudly displayed her families crest… and they were slowly convinced to try a hand at piracy. When the new Captain was heard to dissent against the plan Nico slowly poisoned the minds of the crew against him. He would never let them rise to places she would in this world ruled by the wealthy, and she had a plan….

One night while the captain was at dinner the crew were getting rowdy on drinks of Salty’s Vampiros (Yes, yes, the one and same drinks your Uncle Neville likes to have at Captain Saltys Meadhall, now hush and let me finish my tale). So, Nico convinced a cabin boy to let her poison the wine as it was delivered to the captain’s table. She did not use a quick poison as that would not show those that stood against her the limits of her mercy. As the captain died, swiftly but painfully she announced to the crew that She, as their Captain, would take the next ship they saw that flew the crest of gold and green. The crew cheered as they drank themselves to sleep.

The following morning a ship was sighted on the horizon and a plan was put to action. Nico had them remove the sails and replace them with the torn sales that were below deck for mending. She had them blacken sections of the hull so it looked damaged and had the crew act battered and beaten (which may have been the easy part with their hangovers).

As the ship drew close Nico stood at the helm and sang the lament of sailors. Seeing this the ship drew near. They asked if they could be of assistance and tied their own ship to the ‘Bonnie Wedding’ and laid out their own planks to offer help. Once the ship was tied to theirs and could not get away the crew sprang into action. They boarded the unsuspecting ship, murdered the crew, and looted the precious cargo in its hold. As the last member of that ill-fated crew was about to be killed, Nico yelled for them to halt! One must always be left alive to tell the tale.

This pattern continued all over the seas of Vanagraad. The stories of the crew and their mistress’s cruelty spread. The pattern of ships attacked was eventually discovered and the family forbade their ships from displaying the family crest.

It is not known what happened to Nico and her crew. Some say she retired a wealthy woman to an inland village, other say she still sails the high seas attacking any ship that dares fly a flag of green and gold.

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