The Hold Masters of Gallia. A recording by Professor Albert Lynath of a conversation with the Archmage Chastormax.

“Ahhh Professor, I had forgotten you were there.”

The tall figure of Professor Lynath stopped short where was just reaching for a crystal orb which appeared to have moving figures inside and turned around.  “That’s ok Chastormax, at your age I understand forgetfulness is a thing. I mean you have had what 2000, 3000 birthdays?”

Chastormax sighed and sat down, “Now Professor, do we have to do this again? Your endless preoccupation with how long my race lives, while amusing, is never going to be answered you know. Otherwise, I would have to dream up a new way to torment you. Now what were you here to quiz me about this time? I assume you must be up to volume 912 if your latest series of writing on my people?”

“Heh, hardly, I am still compiling my notes. No, you agreed to explain to me about your Hold Masters.”

Chastormax nodded, “Ahh yes, so I did.. Very well, get comfortable and let’s begin. In ages long past, before The Arrival, my people had developed many magics well past how the younger races wield them. We had long studied the power of Elven Glade Masters and Druid’s in their Groves and started to experiment with our … what would be the best example for you to follow it?… rune magic. Yes, that will simplify it for you. As our studies progressed, so did our understanding and in the span of a few short millennia we had combined these powers.” Chastormax chuckled at the wince on the Professors face.

“Our people were not always as civilized as they are now, and we had many enemies based partly upon the expansion of our territory throughout the cosmos and partly by jealousy and desire for what other races decided we possessed. We developed complex rituals for the lords of our distant fortifications that merged part of their conscious with the building and greatly expanded their powers over it and the area around it. These became our first Herra-Kastali or Hold Masters in your tongue. With the establishment of the Herra-Kastali, our defenses became even stronger and so this practice was spread throughout the Empire. Every castle, fort, seat of power and many grand houses soon had their own Herra-Kastali and the Electors soon stepped in. Every Herra-Kastali became answerable only to the Council of Electors and they raised even higher in our people’s esteem.”

“The events leading up to The Arrival saw us lose many Herra-Kastali and our people still mourn their passing. In Gallia now, there are many Herra-Kastali by your standards, but by ours it is a minute fraction of what once was.”

“The powers of a Herra-Kastali are great. From strengthening and repairing their hold, to damaging, blinding and confusing its enemies, to even forcing the weaker of will to remove themselves from the building. It is said that a Herra-Kastali can see and hear all that occurs inside their hold, I believe for the more powerful of them, the range of their sight extends for many miles around as well.”

The Professor looked up from his notes, “Does this Prismatic Tower of yours have a Herra-Kastali?”

Chastormax smiled, “If we deemed it a seat of power amongst our people, then it would indeed.”

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