Excerpt from ‘The ‘Gods of the World of Vanagard’ by Professor Albert Lynath

On the continent of Hastur, where even during summer, the days are cold and harsh, the tribes have developed a close relationship with their Gods. Even the lowest of the tribespeople feel no compunction in directly talking to their Gods and asking for help. Their Gods on the surface to be as no nonsense and hard as their people, and like the Tribespeople have a rather wicked sense of humor. The people of Hastur view them more as part of their family, a divine family they all share.

While the people of the Izon Supremacy say their Gods walk with them (1), in the case of the tribes of Hastur, this phrase appears to be literal. I met a rather annoying ‘person’ there in my travels and after several hours of immense frustration in dealing with him, he suddenly sprouted wings from his back and flew off! There was much laughter from the tribespeople I was with, and I discovered I had just spent most of day arguing with Dažd, their God of Knowledge over the way the Hastur Pantheon worked….

From my research, which I will grudgingly admit was helped by that debate with Dažd, these are the Gods of the Hastur in order of how I perceive their position and portfolios (with interest I note that like the Izon, their Gods are viewed as a family, something I will delve into at a later date) (2).

I will continue to undertake research in what passes for their summer, as the thought of being trapped in a hut with someone who turns out to be some unknown God of Mischief or Childish Pranks is something I consider a distinct possibility in Hastur.

CyžradynThe Seasons (3)An open hand with an eye tattoo
Delvor, the DragonStorms and Personal CombatDragon head wreathed in lightning
XyaThe Hunt Crossed antlers
SvaryaFire, Crafts and WarFlaming hammer
DaždKnowledge and FarmingA winged book
VostaFortune (Trickery, Gambling, Trade and Luck)Three bone dice
Larsyrk, the Law KeeperJudgementSword and a hammer (4)
MaržyraDeathEyeless hood

(1) One of the parting phrases used in the Izon Supremacy is ‘You walk with your Gods’. This is covered more in Rituals of the Izon Supremacy, by Professor Albert Lynath
(2) This is covered off in Divine Families, a Study into the Gods of Vanagard, by Professor Albert Lynath.
(3) The Tribes of Hastur measure the passing of times by the seasons. Measurements include a10th Season, a half Season etc.
(4) The ‘Sword of Guilt’ and the ‘Hammer of Innocence’.

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