The Gods of the People of Saragan

Excerpt from ‘The ‘Gods of the World of Vanagard’ by Professor Albert Lynath

On the war torn continent of Saragan, there are handful of Gods that are held in common belief. These Gods, while I believe them to be potentially less powerful than the Gods of the Izon Supremacy, are the powers of Saragan. It is worth noting there are many, many dozens of lesser Gods worshipped throughout Saragan, however these ‘Gods’ range in power and influence greatly, many of them have their power limited to very small areas and others to only a handful of believers.

Saragan has quite a list of deities when compared to the Hastur and The Izon, and unlike the Hastur and Izon, their deities have churches and followers in other lands as well.

Some of these Deities may be modern day versions of the ‘Old Gods’ and some of the minor powers may even be remnants of the lost ‘Old Gods’. My list below does not take into account any dark powers that may be worshipped in this land – This is covered in by book ‘Dark Gods of Vanagard, A study in unspoken powers’.
Professor Albert Lynath

Auren, Silver HeartTruth, Valor and GoodA Silver Heart
Agr-ValKnowledgeCrossed Scrolls
BethorganLawA Golden Gavel
Cal-ToranBeasts and The HuntA Wolfs Head
Evengal TorrenCivilisation and CommunityIntertwined Circles of Gold and Silver
JulianPurity and TruthA Blood-Stained Flail
OlanTrickery and LuckThree Platinum Dice
PercusTrade and WealthA Stack of Coins
Syr TerraqWar and CombatA Circle of Swords
Tyrran, Golden SunSun and Light    A Golden Sun
TylasProtection         A Platinum Shield
Werrith               Death   Three Emerald Skulls
Xeryn, The FatherRedemption and Forgiveness        A Wooden Bowl
Zal ByrathCraftAn Anvil

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