The Game of Dark Bunnys – My first game in forever as a player!

So, with a lot of enthusiasm, I set out to be an actual player in a game. So many years of DMing (Which I love, but I haven’t played in a game for years), and I am going to say I had a huge amount of fun and was not disappointed. The only person in the game I know was one of my closest friends, the rest I had never met before and to add to the coolness, they were all in a different country from me. It was a great experience and I look forward to the next session.

I will now hand over to Jinzic Chiminey, my forthright Gnome Artificer to fill you in on the game from his first person… err first gnome … experience.

Over to you Jinzic!

Our very brightly dressed Gnome stands up and clears his throat…

Woke up, had kippers for breakfast…. <quickly turns a few pages> “Ah hah!”

So, our merry band gathered together in the local Ranger watchhouse. Did I mention we had joined the Rangers? No? Well, we had. There were some tests, some following orders, some marching in straight lines and hey presto we had badges! Well, all of us apart from Chim, which was sad, and I feel an oversight on the drill sergeant’s part. Have you met Chim? No? Oh let me introduce you. Please meet Chim, the squirrel with the mostest attitude, the champion of squirrel kind, the bestest friend a Gnome could have.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. So, we were all gathered in the watch house awaiting morning roll call and the like. I had some more kippers and some coffee.. Chim had some nuts.

Oh yes, roll call. So, the loud sergeant chap came in and yelled a bit. I always forget his name, every time I try to think of it, the image of him going red in the face yelling at me comes to mind… I know from now on we will call him Sergeant Red. That works.

Ok, so Sargent Red comes in, yells a bit, then gives us a mission. Exciting! Then suddenly it sounds rather boring… We have to journey a couple of days into the desert to check on some supply thingee watsit and resupply it and then come back. Hardly the sort of thing that stories are told of…

So off we head, into the desert. By the way its hot in the desert and these gnome feet are not really made for walking on sand. Hmm, maybe I could make a helmet with fans, ohhh and the fans could be attached to some oversized shoes, or snowshoe style things, we could power the fans by walking and the snowshoes (we will now call them sand shoes) can stop me sinking into the sand! Ohhh exciting, let me just make a quick sketch…

Now if you add an extra cog there and an arm there, you can mount… oh wait, yes, the story…

Right, so we are wandering the path (I hesitate to call it a road) through the desert.. you know what could really help here is an airship, and our Paladin Warforged giant person thing is also a smith, so if we built a smithy on it, the heat from that could inflate the balloon… two moments, more sketching needs to be done…..

So, if we mount a rack of crossbows underneath… Oh wait, I got distracted again…

Yes, so we are following this road/path thingee through the desert and it wanders through an area that makes me say to Chim “You know if I was going to do an ambush it would be right here”, and wouldn’t you know it, we sort of get hit by an ambush! Admittedly the ambush consists of some giant spider and a lot of insects, but when you are three feet tall, it’s all pretty dangerous. Battle is joined, my stalwart companions leap into the fray using all sorts of tactics to deal with the swarming insects. You know something I bet having insects inside your metal armor is reallllllyyyy uncomfortable.

So, I keep an eye on this giant spider (So everyone else said it was large, what do they know? They are all like over 5 ft tall!). Then he moves, which is my time for action. I draw my pistol (yeah yeah, everyone else is like bows are quiet, you can master a bow etc etc.. Again I am three feet tall in boots – bows are bigger than me, andddd it’s easier to modify my pistol…) and BOOM! The spider gets shot right in.. err one of his many eyes.. anyway, the spider is down!! Woot victory for Chiminey! Oh yeah, the others finally finished dealing with the swarming insects. Boy, my first real battle…. It actually felt like it was missing something.. You know, normally there is some hero and a final stand and .. hmmm actually maybe we can skip that sort of battle….

Back to the journey…. So on we walk… you know seeing that spider, maybe a mechanical spider machine I can travel in… ohhhh and it can spray things out, like an electrified web and OH OH OH… ok notes to make, be right back.

OK, I am back. Where was I? Oh yes, we were walking on. So, we walked, and walked and then camped for the night. The night passed. The next morning, I had some kippers for breakfast and then we walked some more. Eventually, after a lot of walking, we reached the supply depot thingee. It was essentially a rounded stone structure, not overly impressive, it could do with a windmill and some other attachments… Anyway, we had arrived. All was not right. The door was open, there was sand inside and the supplies it was supposed to hold were gone. Not a good start. So, like good little rangers we cleaned it up and refilled the supplies.

Then, like the nosey, good intentioned Rangers we are, we decided to wait to see if whoever had ransacked it and left the dang door open could come back. We settled in for the night. During the night, noises awoke us (so ok some of us don’t sleep, but I am not one of them – I need my beauty sleep). We looked out the arrow slits and there were some flying dust things outside. A quick check of my good old arcane primer – never leave home without it – and someone else identified them as dust mephits. Still don’t really know what they are but they are annoying!

Our might Paladin opened the door and there was another one there. Battle was again joined! I have to admit I lost track of what was happening a lot, what between the dust flying through the air and a bunch of us moving about in a small space and my being 2feet 9 inches tall.  However, looking through one of the arrow slits I saw my chance and BOOM, my mighty pistol took down one of the dust mephitis. BOOM, another bit the… errr… dust! Soon enough my valiant companions had dealt with the others. Another great victory!

The next morning, after some more kippers, we decided we should wait another day and catch the actual perpetrators as the mephitis didn’t really have hands so would have had a dickens of a time opening the closed supply containers…  So, we set to repairing the supply depot and adding a little bit of fortification to it. I drew up a plan to build a gnome sized concealed shooting position on the top of the supply depot. By early evening, it was done and Chim and I settled into nap on our firing platform. The rest of my companions positioned themselves in and around the depot, some hiding in trees, some in other places of safety/concealment – to be honest I forgot to write down where they hid so it’s a generalized overview here… ohhhh portable hiding positions, they could fold down for transport and then open up to make a camouflaged position.. Notebook time!!!

Ok, back to my story…. So, during the night we heard some howls, sort of like wolves, but not. A quick check in my ‘Animals of the Wild’ primer and our druid identified them as jackals (I think). Thankfully most of us normal can see in the dark… how do humans survive being that blind in the dark? Isn’t a major inconvenience? Ohhhhh googles with light spells on them, that way they can see wherever they turn their head… might make their heads targets though… ohhhhhh you could build a special helmet with side lights and the helmet would keep them safe… must make a note of that.

Anyway, yes, story… So, we saw that behind the jackal wolf things there were a couple more of these dust mephit things driving them on. Strikes me as a bit weird, but I didn’t really have time to look in one of my books to see if that was normal behavior. Battle was joined, our elven archer potting bad guys left and center, our valiant warriors driving forward with their swords, our spell casters.. well casting spells. Ok, so I couldn’t actually see what they were all up to, small design flaw I need to fix in my firing platform, I couldn’t see what was happening directly below me… I have made a note to fix the design..

I draw a bead on one of the mephitis and BOOM down he went. BOOM, the next one went down.. and then I couldn’t see because dust+gunsmoke+darkness are not a good combination, and to be honest Chim wasn’t liking the boom sounds in our confined space, so I got distracted modifying him some squirrel sized earmuffs. Then there were the sounds of victory as my heroic companions finished off the rest of the assailants!

The next morning, we secured the supply depot and set forth back to town. Most of the journey passed without event, apart from one fantastic event! We found a stray camel! He became our friend and we named him Ralph! I like Ralph, with some straps and a bit of engineering and a few platforms and he can become a Gnomish assault camel – the first of many!!

We reached town and Sergeant Red debriefed us. That man is never pleased. And that was the end of mission one. I think we all deserve promotions and bonuses… just saying….

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