Everything starts with a beginning. Now it may not have a middle and most of the time it has an end, but there is always a beginning. The story of the beginning of this world on which you stand has been played out many many times across the cosmos, but in this case, this world had the most amazing witnesses to its birth. This is the story of the birth of this world, and the beauty of those that witnessed it’s birth.

In ages past, back in time immemorial, this world did not exist. The stars shone on a great emptiness, and no one was there to marvel at their beauty. Thus, it went for eons, stars shining in their glory, in silence and alone.

One day this emptiness changed. A section of the emptiness tore and through it emerged a magnificent multicolored dragon. The light from the stars reflected off its prismatic scales as it floated in the void between stars. The great beast looked around for some time then simply just vanished, and the stars went back to shining their light on the nothingness.

More eons passed and the stars kept shining. However, instead of nothingness, there was now something small and grey sitting in the center of the void. As the stars watched the grey ball unwound itself and slowly changed shaped. ‘What is this?” the stars wondered and watched.

The grey figure looked back and forth and shook its head. “This will never do” the stars heard it say, “no, not at all.” Then the grey figure began to pull at itself, stretching itself bigger and bigger until it had become an enormous ball. “Yes. This is a start” The stars heard, “this is a good start.”

The stars shone on and watched. Over the eons that followed, the stars noticed changes to the ball, mountains rose, oceans appeared, and the ball changed from grey to blue and green. The stars liked the new look of the ball and shone more brightly so the ball would be easier for them to see.

One day the dragon appeared again, its giant form sparkling in the light from the stars. The great beast seemed to nod its head and the started to circle the ball. As the stars watched the great dragon flew closer and closer to the ball until a lone figure drifted up from the ball to meet it.

“Greetings Ae.” The lone figure said and waved its hand at the great dragon. “Come join me on this world and let’s discuss times to come and times gone past.”

The great dragon inclined its head and said “Well met again Nogara. Times gone past are not our conversation today, but instead we must talk of times to come and your part in them. The stars are our witnesses to this day, and they will shine always upon your world here and remind you of your part in what is to come.”

“Lofty words Ae, and full of things that sound like decisions to me. What needs to be discussed if you and yours have already decided the outcomes.” The figure replied.

The stars shone brightly in shock as they realized they looked upon one of the great gods their far-flung brethren had whispered of, in the ways that stars do. This was one of those moments in time they realized, one that would forever change their corner of the void. But who was this figure that dared address one of the great gods this way, the stars wondered?

As the stars watched, the great dragon laughed. “Nogara, in whatever incarnation, on whatever world I meet you on, you never know your place and always talk when you shouldn’t.” The great dragon laughed again. “Very well Nogara, lets go to this world of yours and talk and reminisce of times gone by, of other incarnations of you and then let’s get to the future and your task in it.” With that the great dragon flew down to the world, followed by the figure Nogara, and the stars watched and waited.

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