We all know there are certain things you do and don’t do when you are playing your favorite roleplaying game with your friends, but there is a set of rules of etiquette that should be adhered to at all times both when sat around the gaming table and before you even get there.

We feel that it’s time these often-unspoken rules of gaming should be codified and become canon for all eternity.

  1. Coordinate your snacks. As players you don’t want to all turn up all having brought the same snacks. It’s dull! Some of you might like to spend the evening up to your eyeballs in stackable corn-based snacks, but not everyone is as unimaginative as you! Get on your gamers WhatsApp group and plan ahead. Don’t involve the DM in all this, the DM has gone to a lot of trouble to get the game sorted and has enough on their mind without trying to sort your snacking needs out for the evening.
  2. Be punctual, do the DM the courtesy of arriving on time, they have done you the courtesy of spending hours on preparation for your enjoyment, the least you can do is be on time and with appropriate snacks.
  3. Make sure you are up to speed with your Monty Python quotes, a game without Monty Python quotes is just weird. Players have been known to need counselling after being in games where no-one made a single reference to Monty Python. It’s dangerous.
  4. Have your own dice! This should not need to be written down, but if you don’t have your own dice a) are you even a gamer? And b) the Dice Gods do not like it! Sharing dice is wrong, you can catch dice cooties. Same goes for pencils, spare note paper, erasers etc. Players that just turn up with nothing? We don’t need that! The only exception is if it’s your very first session playing, in that case by the second session you will be addicted and have a dice “problem” that has your bank manager worried.
  5. Snitches get Stiches… Don’t tell each other your in-game secrets. It spoils the fun for everyone and can utterly ruin the games for some people. The games should be full of surprises.
  6. Obsessive rule questioning… Just stop it! The DM knows what they want and don’t want to use to make the game work for them as a DM. “But it says in the DM’s guid that the Halflings can only be 4 feet tall, and you just said the Halfling NPC is 4 foot 1 inch and that’s wrong…”. Everyone is really impressed you know the rule books inside out, but you are probably wondering why you have no friends and why you still live with your mom in the basement. THIS IS WHY! You are playing in the DM’s game, leave it alone!
  7. Anyone ever played with totally inebriated or totally under the influence players before? It sucks, don’t do it. Be sensible, plus it’s a respect thing. However, If the DM is doing it, find a new DM.
  8. Feel free to give ideas to the DM for their homebrew world. Yes, they have spent hours creating it, but it doesn’t mean they are not open to new ideas. If anything, it shows them that you are invested in it and taking an interest!
  9. Respect each other. We are all individuals with individual quirks and things going on that people might not necessarily want to talk about. Gaming is as much their release as it is yours. Don’t be a buzz kill. Don’t shame people and generally just chill if someone is doing something in a different way to how you would do it, deal with it!

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