The story of Julian, God of Purity and Truth as told by the Dowager Countess.

Now listen up, you asked me my opinion on these thrice annoying Julianites and I am going to tell you the story of where they came from. Not some sanitized version full of holy mumbo and rhetoric, but a story that is as close to the truth as I know it.

Once, long ago, a young priest by the name of Julian set out to discover the truth behind ‘The Arrival’ and what had happened to the Old Gods. His journeys took him across our world, to the ice mountains of Hastur, to the dead lands of Shalydr, even to the Court of Terringorn and then fatefully to the shores of Gallia.

He sought truth wherever he could find it. Some of the truths he uncovered are better left silent. Along his journeys he helped uncover the truth of many crimes of the day and assisted in determining many civil disputes. He seemed a passionate man, determined to succeed on his quest, but also a friendly man, eager to help wherever he could.

His quest lasted for many decades, and he left good impressions on many he visited. Such was his dedication to truth that after some time people started to create sayings about him. Mothers would scold their children to tell the truth or Julian would know, law givers would invoke his name during their investigations and criminals would curse ‘Julians luck’ when they were caught.

In the Court of Terringorn it is said he uncovered a dark and terrifying secret, one that made him mistrust the Court with every essence of his being. It is in the Court of Terringorn that the first tale of him raising his hand in anger is told. It is said that some Elven Lord upset him to such an extreme that Julian grabbed the nearest weapon to him and struck the elf dead. He fled Terringorn with the murder weapon still clutched in his hands. The flail he had grabbed in his anger soon never left his side again.

Whatever he witnessed in the Court of Terringorn changed him. He was no longer a friendly man eager to help. Now he was what I would call dour and serious, and his quest had changed.  There was no talk of questing to discover what had happened to the Old Gods, now his quest was to find the truth inside and remove any darkness that dwelt there.

He gathered followers and hunted any that were ‘touched by darkness’, shapeshifters, dark elves, criminals, and followers of Gods he thought leaned into the dark. His new quest soon turned into a crusade, and many flocked to his banner, drawn by his strong conviction, and stirring words. His crusade soon turned towards Gallia and The Izon Supremacy, and they took ships and headed towards those shores in force.

Great storms decimated his fleet, storms that were unseasonal and incredibly strong. Thousands of his followers perished and many ships were lost, but still Julian pressed on towards Gallia. Stories are told of a delegation from the Supremacy appearing on his flagship, commanding him to stop and turn his fleet around. More stories are told of the death that greeted his followers who tried to attack this delegation as magics well beyond the skill of mortal men struck them down. Undeterred, Julian commanded the remainder of his fleet to press on and soon they were in sight of the shores of Gallia.

What happened to his crusade as it reached the shores is unknown, but a matter of great rumors in the ancient history of our world, for not a single one of his followers was ever seen again. It was assumed that Julian was lost with them as well.

And so, the world went on for many decades, the Court of Terringorn began its slow conquest of nearby nations and other Kingdoms rose and fell.

People still invoked Julians name when searching for the truth and in Saragan a new following began, one dedicated to the tenets his crusade had held, Truth and Purity. Truth in what lay inside one’s heart and the purity of light over darkness. Soon local lords noticed and tried to send soldiers to break up what they now called a cult. Their men were scattered by one fighter in particular, swinging his mighty flail and driving all before him. Soon the people the Lords had tried to break and disperse were besieging the same Lords castles and casting them from their seats of power. A new crusade formed and started to move against other rulers in Saragan.

The war was long and bloody, but at the moment it looked like the crusading forces would be victorious, two gold armored elves appeared in the front lines of the army opposing them. None could stand against their weapons and their magic, and no force could stop them coming face to face with the flail wielding warrior. A great silence then fell over the battlefield.

It is said that the gold armored elves spoke with one voice and gave the flail wielding warrior a choice, perish here on this field or leave with what remained of his followers and end this war. The warrior seemed to start to move towards them, but then stopped and turned and surveyed the field. “I have one condition’. He said, “You will help me finish my ascension, for the darkness must be stopped.” Tales told of this moment say that a dozen other figures seemed to join with gold armored elves from nowhere; some say they were human, others say they were elves, still others say they were dwarven and some even said they were dragons! Whatever the truth of it some great deal was made that day and the war was ended.

The crusaders left Saragan and took over the island chain of Salvación where the Church of Julian was formed and still rules. I find it hard to believe that the flail wielding man was Julian himself, but people will believe what they believe.

The priesthood of Julian set forth from their islands still with small groups of retainers, seeking ‘Truth and bringing Purity’ as they put it. But as we all know the words they say the most on these missions are ‘Repent! Repent! Repent!

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