Scrappy the Beholder – Champion Hoodie


This hoodie will be the one to take your casual wear game to a magical level.

Printed with an original design, this Scrappy The Beholder Champion Hoodie screams comfort and DND spirit. It will be your perfect companion whether you’re chilling outside or on the couch.

What makes it legendary?

  • Roll a natural 20 when it comes to comfortability! Made from a soft blend of cotton and polyester, this hoodie will keep you from feeling itchy and uneasy as it keeps you warm and comfortable.
  • A fair warning from us to you. His metal fangs are enough to pierce through bones. And let’s not talk about his spells, so we made an accurate image of Scrappy for you.
  • Keep your head protected at all times! The two-ply hood of this hoodie is not just great for traveling, sleeping, or protecting your head from adverse weather conditions.
  • Achieve reinforced and durable tension areas! The hoodie is enchanted with a V-notch rib detail at the front, a half-moon insert at the back, and 2×1 ribbed spandex enhanced cuffs for superior durability.
  • Keep all your treasures and trinkets close to you! Boasting a large front pocket, this hoodie is capable of holding items you want within your reach in a matter of seconds.

Take pleasure in wearing a piece of clothing that you will not find hanging on racks or piled on shelves. This merch is printed with an original design we’ve made for DND enthusiasts like you which makes it a lot more unique.

Order now and rock a day as a normal human being or go on an epic quest inside the world of our favorite tabletop RPG with Scrappy The Beholder Champion Hoodie.

Size Guide


• 90% cotton, 10% polyester
• Light steel is 85% cotton, 15% polyester
• 100% cotton shell
• Two-ply hood with a colored lining (black hoodies have a light steel lining in the hood, navy – oxford grey lining, light steel – navy lining)
• V-notch rib detail at neck, and half-moon insert at the back of the neck
• Tone-matching drawstrings
• Front pouch pocket
• 2×1 ribbed spandex enhanced cuffs and bottom band
• Embroidered “C” logo on left sleeve

Model is wearing size M. He’s 6.3 feet (192 cm) tall.

Additional information

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