Captain Salty’s Mead Hall – Bean Bag Chair Cover


What? You can’t make it to the mead hall tonight? That’s unfortunate but don’t worry we have the perfect treat for you so you can still feel the vibe of drinks being served left and right as stories of epic adventures are being exchanged.

This Captain Salty’s Mead Hall Beanbag Cover will be your second option when you can’t drop by for a drink. Don’t worry though, we’ll wait for your next drink with us.

What makes it legendary?

  • Your choice of filling! One of the simple joys of life, being able to choose your bean bag filling. Between cotton from the fields or scrap leather and fabric from the armorer’s shop, you’re free to pick whatever you like.
  • A remembrance of your good days at Captain Salty’s! Printed with a design of the famous mead hall for weary adventurers, this beanbag cover will become one reminder of the good days at Captain Salty’s.
  • Blessed by the durability gods! We made this beanbag cover from 100% polyester, making it the most durable bean bag cover across the realms. No one will come close to crafting a beanbag cover as strong as this one.
  • No room for mold and mildew growth! The water-resistant fabric of the beanbag cover makes it a perfect addition to a room of a busy warrior like yourself, as you don’t have to deal with mold and mildew growth from time to time.
  • Keep sneaky hands away from the inside of the beanbag! Those pesky goblins that have been stealing from you won’t find the zipper at the bottom. Let’s just hope they don’t read this, though.

When you think beanbag covers can get no better, this piece of accessory from us has stepped the classic bean bag cover up a notch by adding a touch of our favorite RPG to it.

Rest after a tiring day of adventure on a beanbag you’ve made yourself using this DND bean bag cover forged from rare and quality materials across the realms. Order today and have it teleported or shipped right to your door!

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Note that the cover has no filling, but the bottom zipper makes it easy to fill the cover with a filling of your own choice.

• 100% polyester
• Fabric weight: 9.91 oz/yd² (336 g/m²)
• Water-resistant material
• Childproof bottom zipper with 1 slider

We recommend using 200l (7cf) of filling for the bean bag.

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