Onto Destiny – Episode 1

From the diaries of Isyadora.

Our brave ‘heroes’ having met at the pub, took a simple deliver some goods job to a mining village near the Mournland. After delivering the goods and meeting some of the locals (and swapping rapiers with the exuberant Pheny), they spent some time chatting with the local druid and went to check out a disturbance in the forest. Upon arriving at the area of the disturbance they were attacked by some red robed cultists. They defeated the cultists and then their Paladin (being guided by the gods) decided to test the disturbance area with one of the cultists bodies. After a quick fight with the resultant revived and altered test subject, they set off back to the mining village in the driving rain.

After some hours of travel, the Ranger noticed the forest had changed…. They then heard the calls of wolves and after investigating found a crying mother and her baby. They bravely escorted her back to her village through the night (while evading the cloaked chap on his horse and the Paladin nearly passing out from the evil emanations from the village church). The next day they met the other citizens of the village and were given a warm welcome.

Stay tuned.. same Elf time, same Elf channel…..

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Our Home Game – Onto Destiny

Join us as our valiant party of adventurers travel across worlds, planes, and into space, to fight an ancient evil threatening multiple worlds.

Meet our Heroes….

Azrael Grim: Aasimar Paladin. (Episodes 1 to current)
Tall, loud and forthright, Azrael is generally at the front of any ‘excitement’ the party finds themselves in. His fondness for large weapons and his lack of forward planning
has caused several tense (and nearly deadly) moments for the party.

His nearly superhuman ability to get in the way of the enemy combatants has kept many
of his compatriots from many more near death experiences.

Esmere: Half Elven Rogue. (Episodes 1 to current)

Raised in the City of Sharn, Esmere seems to have a knack for somehow knowing
someone everywhere (including, it seems, on other worlds). Tall and sneaky with a
knack for acquiring shiny objects, Esmere has become almost unstoppable after
convincing Pheny to trade swords…

In a battle, she can normally be found ‘sticking the pointy end’ into the enemy from
the shadows.

Isyadora: Elven Wizard. (Episodes 1 to current)

Isyadora is a noble born Elven wizard, focused heavily on style in clothing and in her magic. She is always thirsting for more magic and is an avid checker of any bookshelf she comes across.

Her magic saves the day on a regular basis, and her abilities as an evoker has meant that
she hasn’t set the party on fire…. yet.

Cross: Warforged Cleric. (Episodes 1 to 5)

Cross was a hulking warforged, built and trained to be the healing tank. Despite being
conservative in his spell use he managed to keep the party alive while he was traveling
with them.

Cross was detained by the Izon Supremacy at the end of Episode 5 as they believe that
constructs allow devils into the world.

Talabrina Dryaalis: Drow Monk. (Episodes 1 to 5)

Slender, short and dressed in black, Talabrina was normally jumping from enemy
combatant to enemy combatant. Her stunning blows caused some difficulties for
the ‘bad guys’ at times.

Talabrina slipped away at the end of Episode 5, after becoming concerned by the attention
she was receiving from the Ljósálfar in the continent of Gallia (on a world that the party did
not know the name of).

Zanavor Graros: Half Elven Ranger. (Episodes 1 to current)

Stern and serious, Zanavor is a stalwart warrior, with a little bit of a dislike for goblins
and humans. Abandoned at birth by his parents, Zanavor has dealt with his sense of
loss by tracking and dispatching the biggest foes he can find.

With his two swords ‘a-slicing’, he tends to be noticed by the ‘big bads’ as he cuts his way
through their minions towards them.

Viole de Sarde: Elven (Ljósálfar) Cleric. (Episodes 7 to current)

Pheny: Human (Gallian) Swashbuckler. (Episodes 4 to current)

Having met most of the party in a small village, Pheny initially came across as just loud and a little dim. After Esmere talked him into trading rapiers with her (his was shinier), he and Isyadora had a lunch date.

While he may still be loud, he has definite style in his attacks and is Isyadoras staunch defender,
(at least when Esmere isn’t trying to push him into fires or through the door ways first).

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