How To Build A Great Character Backstory

How To Build A Great Character Backstory

The best part about playing a game like Dungeons and Dragons is that you don’t need to play in someone else’s world, instead you have the freedom to craft your own world with one-of-a-kind characters and adventures. All you need is some pencils and paper, a set of dice and your imagination! But for all of you who struggle to come up with character backstories – don’t worry, because you’re not alone.

Before we start talking about building backstories, let’s talk about why we even need backstories. I mean, can’t you just create a character, give them a name and call it a day? Well, I hate to break it to you, but no you can’t. If your character doesn’t have a compelling backstory, it’s possible that role playing them will be harder for you because the players just don’t have enough information. More than that, the Dungeon Master will also have a harder time coming up with engaging scenarios for  the game. So basically, not having a good backstory will just make the game less interesting – and nobody wants that to happen, right? 

And once you’re ready to dive into the world of creating a character, believe me, the options are endless. But of course, putting together a good backstory is also the hardest part of the puzzle and it can get a little overwhelming. So, the key is to take it step by step. But before I tell you what goes in a backstory, let me tell you what absolutely doesn’t. While some people might think that you should go into as much detail as you can while giving your character a backstory, you need to leave some space for your character’s personality to grow and shift during the actual game – that’s the point of the whole game. And while you’re at it, you might also want to make sure that your character’s story doesn’t take over the whole game. Unless you want to start some drama at the table, make sure your story doesn’t steal away anyone else’s spotlight. Keep it short and improvise when you need to, without sealing your character’s fate beforehand. 

Now that you know what not to do, how do you come up with a story that’s not overwhelming but is still interesting enough for the game? A backstory is where you decide that hey, I want my character to have so and so skills. So make sure you know that whatever you choose for your character aligns with the world that the Dungeon Master has created. A great tip is to link your character’s backstory to some element or event occurring in the world or if you’re imaginative enough, you can even link it with another person’s backstory. This just helps the game come together in a more interesting way. 

The best way I’ve discovered to create complex and engaging backstories is asking yourself a bunch of questions that will set the theme for your character. Start off with this question: Who is your character? Now this obviously includes answers like your character’s age, their family, where they were raised, what has their childhood been like. And once you’ve established that, move on to deeper personality traits. What is your character’s moral code? And why is it that way? If you really want to, you can bring things like their race, friends, relationships and even careers into the equation. All that matters is that whatever you decide to include should have a role to play in the overall narrative and growth of your character.

If you’re still having trouble figuring out your character’s personality, here’s a tip: Every story needs some drama – and all you need to do is find the right one. The important thing to note is that your character should be treated as a real person. They can have a family, friends, some enemies – so bring them all into play! Maybe your character’s family was murdered by a deadly beast. How will that impact your character? They might set out to seek revenge or they just might always live in fear. You see how you can pick and choose? It’s looking a little easier now, right? And once you’ve figured out small details of your character’s life, you’re now ready to move on to the bigger questions. 

The second question you need to answer is: What is your character’s motivation? Keeping in mind the backstory and personality traits you’ve already set for your character, come up with something concrete that they want in life. And remember, a good story should ultimately give us a strong character with a clear purpose. So, if you’re thinking of things like world peace or cheating death – stop right there. As great as they sound, are they personal to your character? If the answer is anywhere close to a no, don’t do it. Instead, say your character is a soldier who has returned back from war. And the only thing he wants now is to forget that ever happened. See how that’s a bit more specific but still vague enough for the Dungeon Master to play with? That’s when you know you’ve come up with a good backstory. Remember that backstories are just starting points and they rarely ever come into play once the game starts. So give yourself something that you can easily pursue through the course of the actual game. 

Starting off from your past and motivations, once your character starts levelling up in the game, the third and final question to ask is: How will your character’s backstory affect them in the narrative? As much as your character is a starting point, it also affects their future at one point or the other. Let’s say your character was a criminal in the past and is now running from the law. While creating your backstory, include elements that can easily come into play and will allow the Dungeon Master to hold over your character’s head to make the game more interesting. But the key here is to make sure that these pressure points aren’t overwhelming.

Depending on the kind of backstory you create, this can also include your character using their backstory to define their choices. Which means that they can either reject or accept their backstory which will ultimately help them make decisions in the game. For example, if your character has certain memories located with a place or a person and on their adventure, the Dragon Master makes them come face to face with something like that, what will your character choose to do? You see how all of the elements in your backstory come into play with the narrative of the game? If you manage to come up with a story that can be moulded into a scenario by the Dungeon Master, that’s when you know you’ve done a good job. Once you create a complex character, the possibilities are pretty much endless. 

In addition to all of these questions, remember that you always have a choice to shift things around. If your backstory can’t be connected to elements in the world, don’t do it. The key is that whatever story you come up with flows naturally and doesn’t sound too dramatic or too forced. Work with other players to develop stronger characters and come up with a story that’s simple yet engaging enough to become a part of the main narrative – because that’s what’s going to make the gameplay more interesting for you.  Now that you have all the secrets to develop some kick-ass background stories for your D&D characters.

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Onto Destiny – World History

The Reawakening of the Lost Gods of the Izon Supremacy

Foreword by the Archmage Chastormax

As many of you are aware, a number of the Lost Gods of the Izon Supremacy had stored their essences in magical relics and during the ‘War of the Brothers’ merged with the stalwart few who bore them in this war. The merged essences became some of the new gods of the Vanagard. This is the first part of the story of Viole de Sarde, who merged with Skeggøx to become the new God of Defense, Healing and Family. Professor Lynath has assembled detailed accounts of the new gods mortal lives and now I hand you over to him.

Excerpt from ‘The ‘Gods of the World of Vanagard’ by Professor Albert Lynath

Annotated Life Story of Viole de Sarde

Viole de Sarde had a normal childhood. Over the last 900 years, Viole has never left Gallia and has devoted his life to its service.

Born Leif Trygg in Izon City to Astrid and Sten Trygg, Leif’s early life was dominated by learning the craft of his parents as well as the usual day to day teachings taught to all Citizens of the Izon Supremacy (1).  Leif’s parents were artisans, which is unusual in the Izon Supremacy as the prevalence of magic has meant that things can be created with magic exactly as imagined. His mother Astrid is a renowned jeweller. From crafting fine torques to cutting beautiful jewels and engraving elaborate pieces, Astrid did all of this by hand. His Father Sten is an artist with some very powerful patrons. From a mural of the First Coming for the Thundermoot (2), to statues in remembrance to the Gods of the Blessing, Sten also created all of these by hand. It was this love working with their hands that brought them together. This love was also passed on to Leif, the idea that it is hard work and a personal touch that bestows beauty on their work. And Leif took on their teachings with zeal and became proficient at a young age. Leif also took the teachings of the Supremacy, revering the gods and preparing for the war to come. It was the glaive that was his chosen weapon and it was this that Leif used during all his weapon lessons.

It was during the delivery of one of Sten’s pieces that Leif (aged 150) found his calling. Sten had made a statue piece to decorate a temple to the Ormr Vanir (3) and had asked Leif to deliver it. Leif had finished installing it and he gazed on the altar of the Tvinnr (4). When Leif’s eyes met the statue of the Tvinnr he felt a comforting presence settle on him and then engaged in a conversation with this presence who he discovered was the Tvinnr. After a few minutes of conversation Leif felt the Tvinnr draw away and as he came back to himself he was surrounded by acolytes. When Leif asked what they were doing, he was told that it had been three days since the delivery and they were making sure that he was okay. Leif has been in an upright near-catatonic state. After being asked what had happened, Leif said that he had a conversation with the Tvinnr. When asked further about what happened, Leif couldn’t recall. Only that he had talked to the Tvinnr and he still felt a part of that presence inside him. The Head Priest, after examining Leif, told him that he had been blessed by the Tvinnr and that he had been called to serve. Leif accepted this call, and after tearful farewell with his parents, made his way to the Stjarnavellir Seminary (5) to learn the duties of those who had been blessed.

Whilst learning at Stjarnavellir, Leif was instructed in all the knowledge, rites, and rituals that was necessary for the clergy of the Ormr Vanir. He grew particularly close to one of his cleric instructors, Rashida Al-Jamil, seeing in her a mentor. As the final part of his graduation he must complete a pilgrimage and, accompanied by Rashida as an examiner, Leif set out. They travelled the length and breadth of Gallia(6), healing where the sick, doing the rites to those who need it, and doing the Rituals of Ascension. The final stop on this pilgrimage is the Seat of the Founding. Upon arrival there, he finished the Ritual of Ascension in front of Geiravör(7) and other high elders of the Church. The final Ritual of Ascension is the taking of a new name, a devotional that will be what they are. Inspired by Rashida, he choose a name from the same world that she did but from elsewhere.  Thus whilst Leif Trygg entered the Ritual of Ascension (8), Viole de Sarde (aged 400) exited and ascended to his position of cleric.

Viole then spent the 300 years travelling Gallia, visiting the forgotten shrines, altars, and chapels. With the skills he learnt from his parents he decided that he would go about restoring and honouring these places and bringing them back to their former glory. Whilst many of these places where in honour of the Tvinnr, many of these where dedicated to the more private gods, the Lost Gods (9) and the Gods of Blessing(10). It was during this time that, whilst he had learnt to honour the other gods, he truly appreciated the other gods and to hold them all close to his heart. After Viole’s restoration calling had been completed, he then moved on Epli, the City of Rebirth (11). In Epli, Viole dealt with the dead, doing the rites of the dead. Viole would take the ashes of the dead, turn them into jewels and lay them into the family mausoleums. He dedicated himself to laying the righteous to rest and commiserating with the mourning. 

Viole (aged 850) was called to Kirkjakundr by the Oracle himself to serve. Whilst Viole is unsure why, he answered the call and he had been serving there ever since. Until that is, he was called by the Oracle to meet a group of warriors….

(1) See ‘The Teachings of the Izon Supremacy’ by Professor Albert Lynath.
(2) The seat of the Electors of the Izon Supremacy, as detailed in the ‘Governing of the Izon Supremacy, a study in Eonic Power’ by Professor Albert Lynath.
(3) Ormr Vanir – The ‘Gods’ of the Izon Supremacy. See ‘Gods of the World of Vanagard’ by Professor Albert Lynath
(4) Tvinnr, see also The Twins – The most publicly worshipped of the Gods of the Izon Supremacy – The ‘Gods’ of the Izon Supremacy. See ‘Gods of the World of Vanagard’ by Professor Albert Lynath
(5) The Stjarnavellir Seminary – The Training Ground for Clerics of the Ormr Vanir.
(6) Gallia – The Continent of Vanagard that is ruled by the Izon Supremacy – See the Atlas of Vanagard by Professor Albert Lynath.
(7) Geiravör – The Oracle of the Ormr Vanir – See Religious Figures of the Izon Supremacy by Professor Albert Lynath
(8) The Ritual of Ascension – A often deadly ritual that all aspirants to become Clerics of the Ormr Vanir must undertake. – See Rituals of the Izon Supremacy by The Archmage Chastormax and Professor Albert Lynath
(9) The Lost Gods – Ormr Vanir who vanished during the Great War – See ‘Gods of the World of Vanagard’ by Professor Albert Lynath and the Chronicles of the Great War of the Izon Supremacy, a treatise on magical destruction, by Profesor Albert Lynath and the Archmage Chastormax.
(10) The Gods of the Blessing – Ormr Vanir that gave their essences to provide protection and extended life to the people of the Izon Supremacy – See ‘Gods of the World of Vanagard’ by Professor Albert Lynath.
(11) Elpi, The City of Rebirth – All citizens of the Izon Supremacy have their bodies cremated in this City. – See the Atlas of Vanagard by Professor Albert Lynath and Rituals of the Izon Supremacy by The Archmage Chastormax and Professor Albert Lynath

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Onto Destiny – World History

The Fall of the Court of Terringorn

Excerpt from ‘The History of Vanagard’ by Professor Albert Lynath

The continent of Valr was home to the Court of Terringorn, a powerful Elven Kingdom that ruled over the continents of Valr, Straeling, Saragan, and Sarkgard, dominating these continents for over a thousand years.

During this time, they had an uneasy agreement with the Izon Supremacy, maintained in truth by the power of the Supremacy’s spellcasters and magically powered war vessels. However, unknown to the people they ruled over the Court was held in thrall by forces from the Shadowfell.

The shadowfell influence was directed by the ancient enemy of the people of the Izon Supremacy and had tracked them from the world the Ormr Vanir (1) had saved them from. While they could not directly pierce the magical defences around the world of Vanagard that the Ormr Vanir had erected, they started to work their influence on the Court of Terringorn. Under their influence the court spread their dominance over the majority of the world of Vanagard.

180 years ago, the Court of Terringorn carried out a disastrous attack on the continent of Hastur, where the tribes of Hastur banded together (it is rumoured with assistance from the Izon Supremacy) and fought them to a standstill in the Bay of Crones.

The Court responded with still more forces, drawn from its subject kingdoms and after 5 years of fighting had finally established a base of operations on the continent of Hastur. From here it looked like only a matter of time until Hastur fell under the dominion of The Court of Terringorn.

On Sansil Eve, the massed forces of the Tribes of Hastur gathered for one desperate push to drive the forces of the Court from their lands. The Court brought most of their forces to the Bay of Crones – this battle would decide the fate of Hastur once and for all. Garrisons were stripped across the Dominion of the Court to reinforce the Bay.

On the stroke of midnight, a blazing light appeared above the Bay of Crones, making the Bay and lands around it lit as per day. Both sides thought it was the start of the attack by the other and started to move their forces to counterattack. There was a thunderous noise and through what could now be seen to be rift in the light, hundreds of dragons of all colours appeared, swooping through the air, after this four flying castles appeared in the air above the Bay. From the turrets of the Castles flew the flags of the Izon Supremacy.

“THIS ENDS NOW”. The voice was incredibly loud in everyones heads and in every language spoken by the forces arrayed in the Bay. A thunderclap that capsized ships and destroyed buildings then crashed throughout the Bay and surrounding lands. The dragons breathed their various breath weapons in the air and from the flying castles beams of magic struck at entrenchments and siege weapons, destroying them.

Both the tribes of Hastur and the Court of Terringorns forces stopped and moved as far they could quickly away from the magical devastation.

The ancient gold dragon known as Linnormr (2), long rumoured to rule the Izon Supremacy, appeared in sky and commanded the warchiefs of Hastur and the Lords of the Court of Terringorn to attend her. There was a glow of prismatic magic in the centre of the Bay which destroyed several Terringron ships and when the glow subsided an island sat in its place. The Ancient Dragon Linnormr landed on this Island and then magically everyone heard “MY PATIENCE IS LIMITED”.

The Lords of the Court and the War Chiefs made their way to the new island in the bay. Here the Great Dragon Linnormr, flanked by the Archmage Chastormax (3) and projections of the Electors of the Izon Supremacy (4), dictated the terms of the armistice that the Supremacy had decreed was in place. While initially both sides seemed to agree (albeit faced with only some of the might of the Izon Supremacy), the Lords of the Court refused the final demand of Linnormr, that they give up dominion of the continents of Straeling and Sarkgard. Linnormr gave them a choice, willing give them up or they would face a war they could not win as the forces of the Supremacy would descend upon their homeland of Valr and destroy it utterly. The Archmage Chastormax showed the assembled lords a projection of the seas around the continent of Valr, showing hundreds of flying castles, many more flights of dragons, warships, and flying vessels poised as if to strike.

The Lords of the Court of Terringorn yelled and argued for over an hour. Finally, they seemed to be about to relent when suddenly a shadow rift started to appear. The Great Dragon roared and breathed fire upon the assembled Lords of Terringorn, slaying them all. Beams of prismatic magic flew from the hands of the Archmage Chastormax striking the shadowrift and closing it.

The Archmage Chastormax turned to the cowering war chiefs of Hastur and bade them leave but assured them on this island they could always seek assistance or ask for arbitration from the Electors of the Supremacy. As they left, the war chiefs heard the Archmage say to the Great Dragon Linnormr,’So be it”, and both the Archmage and the Dragon vanished. Most of the dragons circling the Bay of Crones vanished as well, with a handful landing on the four flying castles.

Back in Valr, the sky went dark, gale force winds seemingly from nowhere struck the land, earthquakes caused devastation and giant fires exploded throughout the cities and the forests. The earthquakes, winds and fires lasted for a month, at the end of which no living thing moved in Valr. Anyone attempting to leave was either forcibly turned back or destroyed by the assembled Izon forces. As the last of the quakes stopped, the Izon forces departed back to the supremacy, leaving several flying castles between Valr and the straits that lead to the Supremacy.  Then one last quake struck Valr, the force of which caused damage in the continents of Straeling, Srarkgard and Hastur. The Great Quake, as it has come be called, broke apart the continent of Valr, leaving only scattered small islands in its place. It is said over 70% of the continent sank beneath the waves.

With the Court destroyed, kingdoms arose in the continents of Straeling and Sarkgard, mirroring the earlier districts that the Court had created on each.

(1) Ormr Vanir – The ‘Gods’ of the Izon Supremacy. See ‘Gods of the World of Vanagard’ by Professor Albert Lynath
(2) Linnormr – an ancient gold dragon. One of the Electors of the Izon Supremacy (4), said to actually rule the supremacy. After all who ever heard of a dragon sharing power. For more on Linnormr see ‘Rulers of Vanagard’ by Professor Albert Lynath.
(3) The Archmage Chastormax – a revered Elven Archmage of great power. Also a charming fellow. Co-Author of ‘Magic of Vanagard’ with Professor Albert Lynath.
(4) The Electors of the Izon Supremacy. The Electors form the governing body of the Izon Supremacy. See ‘Rulers of Vanagard’ by Professor Albert Lynath.

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Onto Destiny Episode 6

From the diaries of Isyadora.

As the Herald of Ash collapsed to the ground, The paladin appeared a minute later with a glass of ale in his hand. “Ah, its over” he said, and sipped his ale in boredom. The group filled him in, and they got to looting the corpses – the rogue’s favorite part.

As they had not yet found the amulet the party decided to check the mausoleum, as they found the
previous quarter on a dead body. It made sense!
Screams came from the other side of the barrier. A black dragon had taken flight and was causing chaos in the streets of the shadowfell. Despite many arguments on whether this was a good idea, the group entered the mausoleum and found a tomb in the middle of an otherwise empty room. A golden figure lay in the middle, wrapped in thin chains, inscribed with some language, unrecognizable but to the paladin. He reached for the chains, but they burned his skin. “We can’t just set it free!” the monk argued, met with the cleric’s agreement.
The rogue was happy to disagree, however, when the group decided the figure laying in chains was
good – as good as the paladin who could not touch the chains. The chains did not burn the rogue, as
she was not as purely good. The room brightened as soon as the figure was free. He rose from the
tomb until he was suspended in the air, a soft glow emanating from his body as angelic wings unfurled from his back.

He introduced himself as Engill , and informed the group that he had been imprisoned by Rum’el the outcast. And then slapped the Paladin on the back and called him battlebrother.

Roars and crashes outside grabbed their attention – it seemed the black dragon was getting more riled up. Led by Engill, the party emerged into a chaotic swirling battle. Dragons of different colors wheeled through the sky, fighting with dragons that appeared to be made of shadow while a seemingly never-ending horde of undead battled with Odovour and his men. Engill called out a battlecry and launched himself into the air. The party steeled themselves for combat. Suddenly, multicolored lightning bolts blasted down from the skies and glowing portals appeared all around the battlefield. Through the [portals poured heavily armored Elves and Dragon born, followed by large numbers of elves in robes. The battle soon turned into our sides favor and the shadow dragons fled, chased by the many colored dragons.

Once the battle was over, the party was lead through one of the portals and appeared back in the Twin City. The normality and calm of where they now were was in stark contrast to the chaos of just moments ago. They were taken to a tower in the city which looked identical to Chastormaxs tower they had encountered in the shadowfell. As they entered the tower, they realized it was the one and same tower and they marveled at the magic involved.

They were warmly greeted and their wounds were tended to, before being led to chambers that had been prepared for them to rest in. (cue end of episode credits).

Stay tuned.. same Elf time, same Elf channel…..

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Onto Destiny – Episode 5

From the diaries of Isyadora.

The next notebook is crisp at the edges and looks like it has been struck through with lightning. The writing is rushed, and messy. It almost seems like the author is shifting personalities.

They found themselves in the middle of a dark world. Faded screams could be heard from all directions. While finding themselves through the darkness and gloom, rounding the corner were two ragged humans, scarred and bleeding. Behind them, two drooling ghouls.  The party took them out with little effort. The humans ran off with no mention of a thank-you.

Trudging onwards through the grim city, they rounded the corner to find an army of death knights, riding back horses and wielding flaming blue swords. A bolt of lighting took out all but the ringleader, who powered forwards, heading straight for the paladin. He may as well not have had a chance to hit, because the damage was shrugged off as soon his body fell from his horse. The dual swords were plundered, and the party sauntered onwards.

In the middle of what could be a beautiful courtyard, stood the only source of light or color in what seemed to be a forgotten land. It shimmered with prismatic color. The party contemplated how to enter the safe haven. A rock to the forcefield disintegrated – so it seemed brute force was not the answer. Although that was an answer the paladin liked. Recognizing the prismatic coloring from the spells she had stolen from the Vampire Mansion, the wizard decided to attempt the wardrobe change spell. She had only gushed about it for the whole carriage ride back from the mansion, as if it were more important than the zombie horde and the vampire mission. Castormax’s Wardrobe Change, she said it was named. She threatened to dress the warforged in a clown costume if he whinged one more time.

Once she cast the spell, her outfit changed. And an elven man appeared, with shimmering white robes and a curious look on his face.

He allowed them entry into the tower and led them to a waiting room. They were then greeted by a much more dazzling elven man, clearly older and wiser, and dressed in flowing robes that shimmered with prismatic colour. “Castormax” the Rogue guessed.

After a rest, they met the ancient elven wizard again for breakfast. Invisible servants brought food to buffet tables crowded with elves dressed in the same uniform as the one that had brought them inside. Castormax listened to their tale with amusement and offered to help them on their journey. He offered them armour, trinkets, potions, and aided the party’s wizard with identifying their collection of magical objects. A spellbook was also gifted to the wizard.

Later that day, another elven man appeared, tailed by a large force of muscled elves. He was much larger and dressed in plate armour, with two giant swords attached to his back. The ranger could not help but stare in awe. He was introduced as Castormax’s brother, Odovuor back from an outing in the shadowfell to secure the area and decimate any evil creatures. The group were quick to decide that on their next outing, Odovuor and his troops should accompany them.

They set out the next morning for the graveyard, where they were told the herald was likely to be, if he was in the shadowfell at all. It was always a graveyard. And it barely seemed like morning, with the gloom that seeped in as soon as they left the safety of Castormax’s tower.

Odovuor led them through the decaying city, through ghouls and death knights, until they got to a large barn. Not far from sight was a long bridge, which he said led to the graveyard they were searching for. The reason they stopped at the barn, it seemed, was that a large gathering of ghouls, abominations, and other monstrosities had settled here. Or was being made here. Unclear. In any case, everyone had caught on to the fact that they should be being quiet. Everyone except Pheny. The barn full of monsters expressed their appreciation by lumbering towards the group with growls and howls.

The rogue slipped into the shadows and disappeared. The paladin joined Odovuor at the front line, ready to taunt the biggest and baddest into attempting a hit on him. The hunter picked out a lucky target for his mark. Pheny laughed with glee and ran past the paladin, flipping and twirling his cape. The wizard readied a lightning bolt.

Approaching the bridge, the group could see the grey gloom darken to nightfall on the other side. Even the army of elven soldiers seemed a bit nervous but they followed Odovuor onwards without hesitation. About halfway through, Pheny, who had been trotting beside Esemere and Isyadora, trying to impress his favourite wizard with more stories, jumped on Izzy and they tumbled out of the way of a lightning strike that left the bridge scarred. The conversation for the next half of the walk across the bridge was centered on how freaky that was, and how badly it could’ve ended for the wizard, and how possible it was that Pheny could secretly do magic this whole time, and just wanted to rescue his crush.

Once the group had entered the graveyard, they could now see a large mausoleum on the far side. In front of it, stood a raised platform with stone pillars, and a pit of blue fire built into the middle. Two cloaked figures stood beside it, chanting. Unfortunately, once again, the group did not have the benefit of surprise. A group of monsters had approached the barrier where the darkness began, and was gaining on the group from behind. In front of them, the chanting stopped, and The Herald of Ash appeared in the fire. Odovuor nodded at the paladin, (it seemed he designated him the leader of the group… as they got along talking about destinies and cool armour) and led his army back toward the bridge to hold off the monsters. One of the cloaked figures had now summoned a tiny army of diseased rodents and pests that were scampering, looking for ankles to bite. A giant abomination was summoned by the other. 

Finally using his initiative (after extensive bullying for not using ‘turn undead’ when faced by the zombie horde), the Cleric cast Spirit Guardians. A warm glow surrounded the group, and misshapen celestials flew above. The paladin wanted a rematch with The Herald, to show him he had taken his sword and would beat him with it. The rogue was taunting one cloaked wizard, while Pheny and the monk took on the abomination. The hunter marked the Herald, and dealt damage from afar, beside the wizard and cleric. When one cloaked wizard got off a fireball, and the other paralyzed Pheny, Isyadora struck them down in retaliation with a bloody fireball of her own. The battle was raging smoothly, until the Paladin did an especially devastating radiant attack. The Herald pointed at him, and Azrael Grimm disappeared. With focused attacks, the group had The Herald surrounded- although it had the hunter close to death. Esemere jumped from the shadows and plunged her rapier into The Herald. The rest of the heroes stared as his soul was sucked into the rapier … (cue end of episode credits).

Stay tuned.. same Elf time, same Elf channel…..

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A Package Arrived

So in exciting news a package from Wrymwood Gaming arrived. Exciting! Much unwrapping for dice excitement! I am unsure who was more excited by the dice – us or Beatrice the cat!

The unwrapping!!!

Beatrice checking them out

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The Game of Dark Bunnys – My first game in forever as a player!

So, with a lot of enthusiasm, I set out to be an actual player in a game. So many years of DMing (Which I love, but I haven’t played in a game for years), and I am going to say I had a huge amount of fun and was not disappointed. The only person in the game I know was one of my closest friends, the rest I had never met before and to add to the coolness, they were all in a different country from me. It was a great experience and I look forward to the next session.

I will now hand over to Jinzic Chiminey, my forthright Gnome Artificer to fill you in on the game from his first person… err first gnome … experience.

Over to you Jinzic!

Our very brightly dressed Gnome stands up and clears his throat…

Woke up, had kippers for breakfast…. <quickly turns a few pages> “Ah hah!”

So, our merry band gathered together in the local Ranger watchhouse. Did I mention we had joined the Rangers? No? Well, we had. There were some tests, some following orders, some marching in straight lines and hey presto we had badges! Well, all of us apart from Chim, which was sad, and I feel an oversight on the drill sergeant’s part. Have you met Chim? No? Oh let me introduce you. Please meet Chim, the squirrel with the mostest attitude, the champion of squirrel kind, the bestest friend a Gnome could have.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. So, we were all gathered in the watch house awaiting morning roll call and the like. I had some more kippers and some coffee.. Chim had some nuts.

Oh yes, roll call. So, the loud sergeant chap came in and yelled a bit. I always forget his name, every time I try to think of it, the image of him going red in the face yelling at me comes to mind… I know from now on we will call him Sergeant Red. That works.

Ok, so Sargent Red comes in, yells a bit, then gives us a mission. Exciting! Then suddenly it sounds rather boring… We have to journey a couple of days into the desert to check on some supply thingee watsit and resupply it and then come back. Hardly the sort of thing that stories are told of…

So off we head, into the desert. By the way its hot in the desert and these gnome feet are not really made for walking on sand. Hmm, maybe I could make a helmet with fans, ohhh and the fans could be attached to some oversized shoes, or snowshoe style things, we could power the fans by walking and the snowshoes (we will now call them sand shoes) can stop me sinking into the sand! Ohhh exciting, let me just make a quick sketch…

Now if you add an extra cog there and an arm there, you can mount… oh wait, yes, the story…

Right, so we are wandering the path (I hesitate to call it a road) through the desert.. you know what could really help here is an airship, and our Paladin Warforged giant person thing is also a smith, so if we built a smithy on it, the heat from that could inflate the balloon… two moments, more sketching needs to be done…..

So, if we mount a rack of crossbows underneath… Oh wait, I got distracted again…

Yes, so we are following this road/path thingee through the desert and it wanders through an area that makes me say to Chim “You know if I was going to do an ambush it would be right here”, and wouldn’t you know it, we sort of get hit by an ambush! Admittedly the ambush consists of some giant spider and a lot of insects, but when you are three feet tall, it’s all pretty dangerous. Battle is joined, my stalwart companions leap into the fray using all sorts of tactics to deal with the swarming insects. You know something I bet having insects inside your metal armor is reallllllyyyy uncomfortable.

So, I keep an eye on this giant spider (So everyone else said it was large, what do they know? They are all like over 5 ft tall!). Then he moves, which is my time for action. I draw my pistol (yeah yeah, everyone else is like bows are quiet, you can master a bow etc etc.. Again I am three feet tall in boots – bows are bigger than me, andddd it’s easier to modify my pistol…) and BOOM! The spider gets shot right in.. err one of his many eyes.. anyway, the spider is down!! Woot victory for Chiminey! Oh yeah, the others finally finished dealing with the swarming insects. Boy, my first real battle…. It actually felt like it was missing something.. You know, normally there is some hero and a final stand and .. hmmm actually maybe we can skip that sort of battle….

Back to the journey…. So on we walk… you know seeing that spider, maybe a mechanical spider machine I can travel in… ohhhh and it can spray things out, like an electrified web and OH OH OH… ok notes to make, be right back.

OK, I am back. Where was I? Oh yes, we were walking on. So, we walked, and walked and then camped for the night. The night passed. The next morning, I had some kippers for breakfast and then we walked some more. Eventually, after a lot of walking, we reached the supply depot thingee. It was essentially a rounded stone structure, not overly impressive, it could do with a windmill and some other attachments… Anyway, we had arrived. All was not right. The door was open, there was sand inside and the supplies it was supposed to hold were gone. Not a good start. So, like good little rangers we cleaned it up and refilled the supplies.

Then, like the nosey, good intentioned Rangers we are, we decided to wait to see if whoever had ransacked it and left the dang door open could come back. We settled in for the night. During the night, noises awoke us (so ok some of us don’t sleep, but I am not one of them – I need my beauty sleep). We looked out the arrow slits and there were some flying dust things outside. A quick check of my good old arcane primer – never leave home without it – and someone else identified them as dust mephits. Still don’t really know what they are but they are annoying!

Our might Paladin opened the door and there was another one there. Battle was again joined! I have to admit I lost track of what was happening a lot, what between the dust flying through the air and a bunch of us moving about in a small space and my being 2feet 9 inches tall.  However, looking through one of the arrow slits I saw my chance and BOOM, my mighty pistol took down one of the dust mephitis. BOOM, another bit the… errr… dust! Soon enough my valiant companions had dealt with the others. Another great victory!

The next morning, after some more kippers, we decided we should wait another day and catch the actual perpetrators as the mephitis didn’t really have hands so would have had a dickens of a time opening the closed supply containers…  So, we set to repairing the supply depot and adding a little bit of fortification to it. I drew up a plan to build a gnome sized concealed shooting position on the top of the supply depot. By early evening, it was done and Chim and I settled into nap on our firing platform. The rest of my companions positioned themselves in and around the depot, some hiding in trees, some in other places of safety/concealment – to be honest I forgot to write down where they hid so it’s a generalized overview here… ohhhh portable hiding positions, they could fold down for transport and then open up to make a camouflaged position.. Notebook time!!!

Ok, back to my story…. So, during the night we heard some howls, sort of like wolves, but not. A quick check in my ‘Animals of the Wild’ primer and our druid identified them as jackals (I think). Thankfully most of us normal can see in the dark… how do humans survive being that blind in the dark? Isn’t a major inconvenience? Ohhhhh googles with light spells on them, that way they can see wherever they turn their head… might make their heads targets though… ohhhhhh you could build a special helmet with side lights and the helmet would keep them safe… must make a note of that.

Anyway, yes, story… So, we saw that behind the jackal wolf things there were a couple more of these dust mephit things driving them on. Strikes me as a bit weird, but I didn’t really have time to look in one of my books to see if that was normal behavior. Battle was joined, our elven archer potting bad guys left and center, our valiant warriors driving forward with their swords, our spell casters.. well casting spells. Ok, so I couldn’t actually see what they were all up to, small design flaw I need to fix in my firing platform, I couldn’t see what was happening directly below me… I have made a note to fix the design..

I draw a bead on one of the mephitis and BOOM down he went. BOOM, the next one went down.. and then I couldn’t see because dust+gunsmoke+darkness are not a good combination, and to be honest Chim wasn’t liking the boom sounds in our confined space, so I got distracted modifying him some squirrel sized earmuffs. Then there were the sounds of victory as my heroic companions finished off the rest of the assailants!

The next morning, we secured the supply depot and set forth back to town. Most of the journey passed without event, apart from one fantastic event! We found a stray camel! He became our friend and we named him Ralph! I like Ralph, with some straps and a bit of engineering and a few platforms and he can become a Gnomish assault camel – the first of many!!

We reached town and Sergeant Red debriefed us. That man is never pleased. And that was the end of mission one. I think we all deserve promotions and bonuses… just saying….

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