Excerpt from ‘The History of Vanagard’ by Professor Albert Lynath

The continent of Valr was home to the Court of Terringorn, a powerful Elven Kingdom that ruled over the continents of Valr, Straeling, Saragan, and Sarkgard, dominating these continents for over a thousand years.

During this time, they had an uneasy agreement with the Izon Supremacy, maintained in truth by the power of the Supremacy’s spellcasters and magically powered war vessels. However, unknown to the people they ruled over the Court was held in thrall by forces from the Shadowfell.

The shadowfell influence was directed by the ancient enemy of the people of the Izon Supremacy and had tracked them from the world the Ormr Vanir (1) had saved them from. While they could not directly pierce the magical defences around the world of Vanagard that the Ormr Vanir had erected, they started to work their influence on the Court of Terringorn. Under their influence the court spread their dominance over the majority of the world of Vanagard.

180 years ago, the Court of Terringorn carried out a disastrous attack on the continent of Hastur, where the tribes of Hastur banded together (it is rumoured with assistance from the Izon Supremacy) and fought them to a standstill in the Bay of Crones.

The Court responded with still more forces, drawn from its subject kingdoms and after 5 years of fighting had finally established a base of operations on the continent of Hastur. From here it looked like only a matter of time until Hastur fell under the dominion of The Court of Terringorn.

On Sansil Eve, the massed forces of the Tribes of Hastur gathered for one desperate push to drive the forces of the Court from their lands. The Court brought most of their forces to the Bay of Crones – this battle would decide the fate of Hastur once and for all. Garrisons were stripped across the Dominion of the Court to reinforce the Bay.

On the stroke of midnight, a blazing light appeared above the Bay of Crones, making the Bay and lands around it lit as per day. Both sides thought it was the start of the attack by the other and started to move their forces to counterattack. There was a thunderous noise and through what could now be seen to be rift in the light, hundreds of dragons of all colours appeared, swooping through the air, after this four flying castles appeared in the air above the Bay. From the turrets of the Castles flew the flags of the Izon Supremacy.

“THIS ENDS NOW”. The voice was incredibly loud in everyones heads and in every language spoken by the forces arrayed in the Bay. A thunderclap that capsized ships and destroyed buildings then crashed throughout the Bay and surrounding lands. The dragons breathed their various breath weapons in the air and from the flying castles beams of magic struck at entrenchments and siege weapons, destroying them.

Both the tribes of Hastur and the Court of Terringorns forces stopped and moved as far they could quickly away from the magical devastation.

The ancient gold dragon known as Linnormr (2), long rumoured to rule the Izon Supremacy, appeared in sky and commanded the warchiefs of Hastur and the Lords of the Court of Terringorn to attend her. There was a glow of prismatic magic in the centre of the Bay which destroyed several Terringron ships and when the glow subsided an island sat in its place. The Ancient Dragon Linnormr landed on this Island and then magically everyone heard “MY PATIENCE IS LIMITED”.

The Lords of the Court and the War Chiefs made their way to the new island in the bay. Here the Great Dragon Linnormr, flanked by the Archmage Chastormax (3) and projections of the Electors of the Izon Supremacy (4), dictated the terms of the armistice that the Supremacy had decreed was in place. While initially both sides seemed to agree (albeit faced with only some of the might of the Izon Supremacy), the Lords of the Court refused the final demand of Linnormr, that they give up dominion of the continents of Straeling and Sarkgard. Linnormr gave them a choice, willing give them up or they would face a war they could not win as the forces of the Supremacy would descend upon their homeland of Valr and destroy it utterly. The Archmage Chastormax showed the assembled lords a projection of the seas around the continent of Valr, showing hundreds of flying castles, many more flights of dragons, warships, and flying vessels poised as if to strike.

The Lords of the Court of Terringorn yelled and argued for over an hour. Finally, they seemed to be about to relent when suddenly a shadow rift started to appear. The Great Dragon roared and breathed fire upon the assembled Lords of Terringorn, slaying them all. Beams of prismatic magic flew from the hands of the Archmage Chastormax striking the shadowrift and closing it.

The Archmage Chastormax turned to the cowering war chiefs of Hastur and bade them leave but assured them on this island they could always seek assistance or ask for arbitration from the Electors of the Supremacy. As they left, the war chiefs heard the Archmage say to the Great Dragon Linnormr,’So be it”, and both the Archmage and the Dragon vanished. Most of the dragons circling the Bay of Crones vanished as well, with a handful landing on the four flying castles.

Back in Valr, the sky went dark, gale force winds seemingly from nowhere struck the land, earthquakes caused devastation and giant fires exploded throughout the cities and the forests. The earthquakes, winds and fires lasted for a month, at the end of which no living thing moved in Valr. Anyone attempting to leave was either forcibly turned back or destroyed by the assembled Izon forces. As the last of the quakes stopped, the Izon forces departed back to the supremacy, leaving several flying castles between Valr and the straits that lead to the Supremacy.  Then one last quake struck Valr, the force of which caused damage in the continents of Straeling, Srarkgard and Hastur. The Great Quake, as it has come be called, broke apart the continent of Valr, leaving only scattered small islands in its place. It is said over 70% of the continent sank beneath the waves.

With the Court destroyed, kingdoms arose in the continents of Straeling and Sarkgard, mirroring the earlier districts that the Court had created on each.

(1) Ormr Vanir – The ‘Gods’ of the Izon Supremacy. See ‘Gods of the World of Vanagard’ by Professor Albert Lynath
(2) Linnormr – an ancient gold dragon. One of the Electors of the Izon Supremacy (4), said to actually rule the supremacy. After all who ever heard of a dragon sharing power. For more on Linnormr see ‘Rulers of Vanagard’ by Professor Albert Lynath.
(3) The Archmage Chastormax – a revered Elven Archmage of great power. Also a charming fellow. Co-Author of ‘Magic of Vanagard’ with Professor Albert Lynath.
(4) The Electors of the Izon Supremacy. The Electors form the governing body of the Izon Supremacy. See ‘Rulers of Vanagard’ by Professor Albert Lynath.

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