Foreword by the Archmage Chastormax

As many of you are aware, a number of the Lost Gods of the Izon Supremacy had stored their essences in magical relics and during the ‘War of the Brothers’ merged with the stalwart few who bore them in this war. The merged essences became some of the new gods of the Vanagard. This is the first part of the story of Viole de Sarde, who merged with Skeggøx to become the new God of Defense, Healing and Family. Professor Lynath has assembled detailed accounts of the new gods mortal lives and now I hand you over to him.

Excerpt from ‘The ‘Gods of the World of Vanagard’ by Professor Albert Lynath

Annotated Life Story of Viole de Sarde

Viole de Sarde had a normal childhood. Over the last 900 years, Viole has never left Gallia and has devoted his life to its service.

Born Leif Trygg in Izon City to Astrid and Sten Trygg, Leif’s early life was dominated by learning the craft of his parents as well as the usual day to day teachings taught to all Citizens of the Izon Supremacy (1).  Leif’s parents were artisans, which is unusual in the Izon Supremacy as the prevalence of magic has meant that things can be created with magic exactly as imagined. His mother Astrid is a renowned jeweller. From crafting fine torques to cutting beautiful jewels and engraving elaborate pieces, Astrid did all of this by hand. His Father Sten is an artist with some very powerful patrons. From a mural of the First Coming for the Thundermoot (2), to statues in remembrance to the Gods of the Blessing, Sten also created all of these by hand. It was this love working with their hands that brought them together. This love was also passed on to Leif, the idea that it is hard work and a personal touch that bestows beauty on their work. And Leif took on their teachings with zeal and became proficient at a young age. Leif also took the teachings of the Supremacy, revering the gods and preparing for the war to come. It was the glaive that was his chosen weapon and it was this that Leif used during all his weapon lessons.

It was during the delivery of one of Sten’s pieces that Leif (aged 150) found his calling. Sten had made a statue piece to decorate a temple to the Ormr Vanir (3) and had asked Leif to deliver it. Leif had finished installing it and he gazed on the altar of the Tvinnr (4). When Leif’s eyes met the statue of the Tvinnr he felt a comforting presence settle on him and then engaged in a conversation with this presence who he discovered was the Tvinnr. After a few minutes of conversation Leif felt the Tvinnr draw away and as he came back to himself he was surrounded by acolytes. When Leif asked what they were doing, he was told that it had been three days since the delivery and they were making sure that he was okay. Leif has been in an upright near-catatonic state. After being asked what had happened, Leif said that he had a conversation with the Tvinnr. When asked further about what happened, Leif couldn’t recall. Only that he had talked to the Tvinnr and he still felt a part of that presence inside him. The Head Priest, after examining Leif, told him that he had been blessed by the Tvinnr and that he had been called to serve. Leif accepted this call, and after tearful farewell with his parents, made his way to the Stjarnavellir Seminary (5) to learn the duties of those who had been blessed.

Whilst learning at Stjarnavellir, Leif was instructed in all the knowledge, rites, and rituals that was necessary for the clergy of the Ormr Vanir. He grew particularly close to one of his cleric instructors, Rashida Al-Jamil, seeing in her a mentor. As the final part of his graduation he must complete a pilgrimage and, accompanied by Rashida as an examiner, Leif set out. They travelled the length and breadth of Gallia(6), healing where the sick, doing the rites to those who need it, and doing the Rituals of Ascension. The final stop on this pilgrimage is the Seat of the Founding. Upon arrival there, he finished the Ritual of Ascension in front of Geiravör(7) and other high elders of the Church. The final Ritual of Ascension is the taking of a new name, a devotional that will be what they are. Inspired by Rashida, he choose a name from the same world that she did but from elsewhere.  Thus whilst Leif Trygg entered the Ritual of Ascension (8), Viole de Sarde (aged 400) exited and ascended to his position of cleric.

Viole then spent the 300 years travelling Gallia, visiting the forgotten shrines, altars, and chapels. With the skills he learnt from his parents he decided that he would go about restoring and honouring these places and bringing them back to their former glory. Whilst many of these places where in honour of the Tvinnr, many of these where dedicated to the more private gods, the Lost Gods (9) and the Gods of Blessing(10). It was during this time that, whilst he had learnt to honour the other gods, he truly appreciated the other gods and to hold them all close to his heart. After Viole’s restoration calling had been completed, he then moved on Epli, the City of Rebirth (11). In Epli, Viole dealt with the dead, doing the rites of the dead. Viole would take the ashes of the dead, turn them into jewels and lay them into the family mausoleums. He dedicated himself to laying the righteous to rest and commiserating with the mourning. 

Viole (aged 850) was called to Kirkjakundr by the Oracle himself to serve. Whilst Viole is unsure why, he answered the call and he had been serving there ever since. Until that is, he was called by the Oracle to meet a group of warriors….

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