From the diaries of Isyadora.

When our valiant band of adventurers awoke, they were lead to a giant dining hall where all manners of creatures were eating and talking. “Sit, eat, replenish. The Archmage will see you soon” their guide gestured at a table. They sat and ate and watched in wonder as strange creatures appeared and vanished all around the room. After some time, their guide appeared again, “The Archmage will see you now”.

The party rose from the table and their guide lead them to the entry door. As they walked through the door, the hallway changed into a comfortable room, stacked with books, weird objects and plants. Waiting for them was the Archmage Chastormax, in his prismatic robe.

“Greetings and thank you for freeing my cousin from the other side.’ He gestured and chairs appeared. ‘Sit, and let me tell you of your part in the events that are unfolding.’

“I will be brief, for unlike some of my colleagues, I understand that boredom is thing that the young suffer from… You sit now in my study in the Prismatic Tower, currently in the continent of Gallia on the World of Vanagard. Gallia is the home of my people, the Izon Supremacy. You will see much of wonder in Gallia and learn from masters that are older than the nations you once called home.”

“Gallia is a protected continent, the City of The Twins, where you first arrived and Drenger Holm, are the only two cities in our land that non citizens or special invited guests can set foot. Hmmm? Oh lets just say that we are little private and that if you stray past these cities your death will be quick and absolute. Hmmm? Magic is in the soul of my peoples and we will know and find you… Anyway, back to my tale…”

“You will be graced with special markings that allow you to travel our lands. You would call them tattoos, we call them The Knut. They symbolize the union between us, the land and our Gods, and also allow you to use the vehicles and magics that form part of our societies daily life.”

“Now,” and the light seemed to fall heavy on the adventurers, “When you defeated the Lord and Lady, you started a chain of events that now must be contained and controlled, or the darkness will be loose upon the worlds again. You are now pivotal parts of this and must fulfill your destinies. Trust me when I say, failure is not an option I am interested in discussing. You have started the unlocking of the doors that will allow the Darkness in and if all these doors are unlocked, the war for supremacy will span countless worlds and leave most of them ash.”

“The weapons you carry are ancient symbols of my people, so I suspect your part in this was foretold. Hmmm? Meddle not in the plans of Gods, little rogue, for they are honestly not often well thought out and it will leave you feeling very glum…”

“The next step for you is to go to see the Oracle, she will confirm my thoughts and help set you on your way. But first…” Chastormax raised his hands and a burning feeling arose for a moment on the adventurers arms. Startled, they looked and on their lower arms were now swirling runes that shifted color as they watched. “This is The Knut. Whether the Electors like it or not, you are now all one of us, bound together on this path. Glory is yours for the taking, and the worlds will sing your tales should you succeed.”

(cue end of episode credits).

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