From the diaries of Isyadora.

As the Herald of Ash collapsed to the ground, The paladin appeared a minute later with a glass of ale in his hand. “Ah, its over” he said, and sipped his ale in boredom. The group filled him in, and they got to looting the corpses – the rogue’s favorite part.

As they had not yet found the amulet the party decided to check the mausoleum, as they found the
previous quarter on a dead body. It made sense!
Screams came from the other side of the barrier. A black dragon had taken flight and was causing chaos in the streets of the shadowfell. Despite many arguments on whether this was a good idea, the group entered the mausoleum and found a tomb in the middle of an otherwise empty room. A golden figure lay in the middle, wrapped in thin chains, inscribed with some language, unrecognizable but to the paladin. He reached for the chains, but they burned his skin. “We can’t just set it free!” the monk argued, met with the cleric’s agreement.
The rogue was happy to disagree, however, when the group decided the figure laying in chains was
good – as good as the paladin who could not touch the chains. The chains did not burn the rogue, as
she was not as purely good. The room brightened as soon as the figure was free. He rose from the
tomb until he was suspended in the air, a soft glow emanating from his body as angelic wings unfurled from his back.

He introduced himself as Engill , and informed the group that he had been imprisoned by Rum’el the outcast. And then slapped the Paladin on the back and called him battlebrother.

Roars and crashes outside grabbed their attention – it seemed the black dragon was getting more riled up. Led by Engill, the party emerged into a chaotic swirling battle. Dragons of different colors wheeled through the sky, fighting with dragons that appeared to be made of shadow while a seemingly never-ending horde of undead battled with Odovour and his men. Engill called out a battlecry and launched himself into the air. The party steeled themselves for combat. Suddenly, multicolored lightning bolts blasted down from the skies and glowing portals appeared all around the battlefield. Through the [portals poured heavily armored Elves and Dragon born, followed by large numbers of elves in robes. The battle soon turned into our sides favor and the shadow dragons fled, chased by the many colored dragons.

Once the battle was over, the party was lead through one of the portals and appeared back in the Twin City. The normality and calm of where they now were was in stark contrast to the chaos of just moments ago. They were taken to a tower in the city which looked identical to Chastormaxs tower they had encountered in the shadowfell. As they entered the tower, they realized it was the one and same tower and they marveled at the magic involved.

They were warmly greeted and their wounds were tended to, before being led to chambers that had been prepared for them to rest in. (cue end of episode credits).

Stay tuned.. same Elf time, same Elf channel…..

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