From the diaries of Isyadora.

Our heroes had just defeated the Lord and Lady, two powerful vampires that presented a challenging – but not fatal – challenge. Upon their deaths, the heroes explored the room to find a side chamber that appeared to be a study… filled with books, and what appeared to be a summoning circle. With no energy for caution, an open book was gathered from the table; a diary detailing the life of what seemed to be two adventurers. A woman and a man had traveled through the magical rain to the town to find the myth of the scourge, just as our heroes had done. These woman and man had entered the mansion to find a vampire. However, they were caught off guard by a night hag, who put up an enormous fight, but the adventurers trapped it in one of the mansions upstairs rooms. Exhausted, they came across the vampires, whom they slew- but not before the vampires took the life of the male adventurer. Or so they thought. Unbeknownst to the two of them, these vampires had been confined to the castle by a curse. A curse that now kept them there in order to prevent another entity from escaping and terrorizing the world. The Herald of Ash, they called it. It was trapped in a room hidden beneath one of the coffins. With a quick rest for those in the party that were physically capable of it, the party then scrambled after the Paladin – who seemed to be developing a knack for running head first into new and dangerous situations. This time, it was down the tunnel under the coffin, where he was met with a swinging axe trap. Upon entry into the room, towering 9ft figure in heavy plate armor and a sword taller than itself rose from a coffin on the far side of the room. Once again, the Paladin charged. It was a long and perilous battle. Zombies rose from the ground, biting and snapping at the heroes with blind ferocity. The Herald of Ash retaliated with a counter strike each time he was hit –displaying mastery of both his sword and spell-slinging. At one point he had the wizard charmed, and next the rogue and cleric on the ground to savings throws. With a constant battering of arrows and a well placed hunters mark, the Ranger was whittling his health away bit by bit. The Cleric and Paladin had sent The Herald of Ash into a blind rage with their devastating Holy damage. With a darkness spell from The Herald of Ash, and a lucky roll from the Monk, they managed to stabilize the Rogue and Cleric. Once they had cleared the area, the Wizard threw out an enormous, burning fireball – sculpted around the Paladin – who was still intent on facing off against The Herald of Ash. He was thrown to the ground, and the heroes quickly cleaned him with Holy water, just as they did with their other victims. They emerged from the fight bruised, bleeding and scarred. The Rogue and Wizard realized they had been bitten by zombies. However exhausted they were, it did not stop the party from scrambling to the chest by the coffin to search for treasure. They found potions, some gold, and the Paladin cackling in glee over his new 9ft polearm. After a quick rest, they went over their plan to take out the night hag.

Stay tuned.. same Elf time, same Elf channel…..

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