From the diaries of Isyadora.

Our heroes were bravely volunteered to rid the village of the Scourge and save the Lord and Lady. That day they entered the church, met the priest and then while he was distracted searched the massive church and found their way to the caves underneath. As they descended in the caves they were haunted by a small child’s voice and her rather creepy desire for them to hide and her to find them…

Upon entering the caves below, our brave adventurers came across an occult circle and while investigating (and playing and hide and seek with the little girl), were visited by the priest and the little girl… The priest turned out to not be as nice a old chap as he appeared to be upstairs and the little girl turned out to be a vampire. Battle ensued and out heroes were victorious. (and the wizard got a nice new staff). 

Our heroes then ‘inventoried’ the items down in the caves and then searched the church properly (and the Paladin got a new set of armour, and the Ranger a pretty longsword).

They then explored the long (many hours walking long) passage way from the caves and at the end spied a ruined manor house. Deciding that exploring this during the day was a much better idea than blindly rushing in at night (and after a nap) they returned to the village… which had been burnt out and the inhabitants crucified….

Our heroes quickly sized up the situation, made themselves secure in one of the remaining buildings  and prepared to wait out the night. Sure enough they were attacked by a mob of zombies and the Scourge. After several rather impressive and completely spontaneous burst of heroism and gravity defying feats(and the DM realising just how annoying hunters mark is) they won the battle (and our monk got some nifty bracers and our cleric a nice new mace).

The next morning, they put to rest the poor deceased people of the town and then went off to investigate the ruined manor house.

The Manor House .. While it appeared to be all but ruined our heroes quickly realised this was an illusion and went inside and explored. From nice music, magically appearing drinks and an very well stocked library (which our wizard also nabbed a spellbook from and stated that there’s more investigation to be done in the library) , our cleric found a secret door. Our adventurers proceeded down the passage way and into an underground bunker. Between the rogue disarming traps and some quick thinking of our heroic group, they overcame the traps set in the bunker, found some caged villagers and the encountered the Lord. 

Dressed like a 1990s vampire, his attacks were confounded by the silence spell thrown by our monk and then his tripping over his cape… our heroes wisely burnt his vampiric person to ash.

A couple of rooms onwards they encountered the Lady. She hit them with foul magics, some of which had bad effects on our adventurers digestive tracks,  and then things got nasty. There was a lot of damage dealt on both sides (and again the DM discovered yet another annoying factor to hunters mark), but our heroes were ultimately victorious (after a couple of steel butt clenching saving people from dying moments from our cleric).

Stay tuned.. same Elf time, same Elf channel…..

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