Mortyn Dael, The Kingdom of Sand. An account by Professor Albert Lynath to the Deans of the University of Tyran.

Sitting in the heart of the continent of Tyn-Veron, conquered and ruled by The Arygr Republic for over 100 years, Mortyn Dael was once land of great forests, rich pastures, and prosperous trade. Its people were honest, hardworking, practical people whose God, Relon, watched over them from afar, aloof but not egotistical, instead allowing his people to carry with their labors with feeling the need for constant worship from them, this may have been a mistake, but this was the way he felt served his people best.

It is said that Relon and the other Gods of Tyn-Veron, combined their powers to keep The Court of Terringorn for attacking their lands before that ill fated nations destruction at the hands of the Izon Supremacy. Rumors are that this power drained them mightily, while others say that Ith-Rae, God of the Arygr peoples betrayed them all and stole power from the other Gods, but still other tales say that the Izon Gods fought with the Gods of Tyn-Vernon and bound them into lesser forms of themselves. Whatever the truth may be, apart from the Elven lands of Tyn-Vernon (from where the continent gets its name), and Ith-Rae, the power of the other Gods of Tyn-Vernon seems limited to only the lands of their people, or in some cases to small areas inside those lands.

Once the great forests of Mortyn Dael teemed with life, her pastures fed much of the continent and her people were prosperous. However, in the 50 years leading up to the invasion by the Arygr Republic, the rivers dried up, the pastures turned to deserts and the great forests died. Life became hard and bleak for the people of Mortyn Dael well before they were subjugated.

Relon is a small part of what he was, however, it is said that the belief of his people grows stronger every year and that his powers may slowly be returning, but this could just be tales told to bolster his people and give them hope. Why the Argyr bother to hold such an inhospitable land escapes me. Their desire to delve deep into the mysteries of history seem to be nonexistent and the ruthless way they govern Mortyn Dael wins them no favors or friends amongst the other nations.

It is a land where adventurers could aid a subjected people and solve the mystery of their Gods fading power. It is a land where heroes can make their names. It is a land where those that fail to be heroes suffer a forgotten death in its endless sands. It is a land in need.

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