Meet the ‘The Family’. An introduction to the Gods of the Izon Supremacy.

Excerpt from ‘The ‘Gods of the World of Vanagard’ by Professor Albert Lynath

While I have spent many decades trying to improve my understanding of the Gods of the Izon Supremacy or ‘The Family’ as the Izon refer to them as, I have found my research hampered by several factors; One being the apparent lack of Clerics of the Izon Gods I can find, the second being the absence of Temples to their Gods (it is worth noting here that in The City of The Twins, there is only a Temple to ‘The Twins’ and no other of their Gods and in their Capital City, I could find no Temples at all). The third and must confusing factor is the complete lack of enthusiasm for the Izon people to discuss their Gods.

Unlike the Tribes of Hastur, where I have met one of their deities, I have never encountered one of the Izon ones even though the Izon say they walk with their Gods (1). I feel this is just a symbolic phrase used in the Supremacy.

I have uncovered some myths of a great divide between their Gods that broke them into two camps, The Ormr Vanir and The Ormr Fendinn. And tell of great war between them that resulted in their homeworld being destroyed, and the Ormr Vanir bringing the remnants of their people to our world. This event culminated in what we refer to as ‘The Arrival’, that very event that changed so much of our world several millennia ago.

Tales are told of the awakening of some of their ‘Lost Gods’ during what the Izon refer to as “The War of the Brothers”. Interestingly this seems to have occurred around us and without us noticing…  I will note which of their pantheon are these ‘Reawakened Gods.’ For more details refer to my chapters covering the Reawakening.

If it is true that a God’s power comes from the number of their worshippers, then based on the sheer population of the Izon Supremacy, their Gods must be incredibly powerful. However I have seen no signs of this power and have only read and collected myths of their abilities from eons past gone.

The Ormr Vanir  
The Twins, The Twin Soul
Hearth, Home, and the Harvest
The Arbiters of the Ormr Vanir
A silver arm holding a golden flail.
AevīMagic, Time, and the AgesAn unblinking Dragon eye
EinherjarPersonal Courage and StrengthCoiled black chains
SkapaCraftspeopleA silver teardrop
VǫrðrWarding, Protection and Self SacrificeA golden shield marked with runes
Volur – The OracleForesight and Knowledge               Two interlocked gold wreaths
The Reawakened Gods  
VargsanginWar and Magical CombatA staff wreathed in lightning
RagnarsverðValour and Physical CombatCrossed Greatswords
UllBorgrForests, Animals, Hunting and Nature  Spiritual Animals
NíðstangMysteries (2)A skull hilted rapier
SkeggøxDefense, Healing and FamilySilver Glaive
The Sleeping Gods  
MóðugrDevotion and Self Sacrifice   A heart in a bottle
DryggrTruth and Oath Keeping  Tome and Hammer
EldingOceans and StormsSteel Axe and Compass
The Ormr Fendinn  
The Cast Out, The Corrupted
Master of the Shadow Lands
Corruption, Aberrations and the Undead.A mummified hand
Draug  – The CrawlerDeceit, Dishonesty and FalsehoodsA copper mask
Drepa – The RatFoul Murder, Unsanctioned Assassinations, Violence and RiotingRodents
Sótt Dauði  – The LeprousDisease, Rot and Slow DeathA flask of green mist
Myrkr – The Dark DreamMadness, Nightmares and EntropyFalling Black Stars

During my research I also uncovered tales and writings of a group of Izon Gods who sacrificed themselves during ‘The Arrival’ to bring “The Blessing of Eilífðar to ‘The Children of Izon”. What this ‘blessing’ is I am unsure of and no Izon will speak of it. For a complete picture of the Izon Pantheon I have included these deities below.

BrísingaFertilityTwo joined figures
BorinnRebirthChains of Flowers
TryggeTravel and TransportA shooting star
ReiserSafety and SecurityA platinum lock
GlosbeAncient KnowledgeThree bronze disks

(1) One of the parting phrases used in the Izon Supremacy is ‘You walk with your Gods’. This is covered more in Rituals of the Izon Supremacy, by Professor Albert Lynath

(2) ‘Mysteries’ seems to cover Thieves, Spies and Secrets.

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