From ‘The collected notes and memories of great places in Vanagard, Volume 2’ by Professor Albert Lynath

The fabled Prismatic Tower, home to the Archmage Chastormax, renowned for its beauty along with the magic wrought there. While wizards from all of Vanagard compete to be able to train at the Fróðleikr-Skyn in the City of the Twins, long said to be the premier magical college in all of Vanagard, the wizards of the Izon Supremacy itself compete to be able to spend time at the Prismatic Tower.

Wearing the encircled, multi-colored eye on their sleeves is a symbol that a wizard has completed their training at the Prismatic Tower and marks them as one of the more powerful practitioners of their arts.

The Prismatic Tower is said to exist in many locations at once, I personally have seen and visited it in the City of the Twins, Izon City (The Capital of the Supremacy), in Rýnstrborg, the city of the Magewrights and I swear I saw it once in the Shadowfell. It is the seat from where the Archmages of the Supremacy maintain the magical barriers surrounding their lands and control the weather magic that covers the continent of Gallia.

Entry through the prismatic dome surrounding the tower (from where the tower gets its name), is by invitation only. I have seen first hand what occurs to an uninvited guest trying to breach the barrier…. Not that there was much left of them afterwards to ask them why they tried…. I have toured some of its halls, for it is so much bigger on the inside than it appears, and I have marveled at the treasures displayed within it. I have dined there with Devas, ancient elfs, creatures that I cannot name, and it turns out once, a dragon. I have spent time in one of its many fabled vaults and studied objects of great antiquity from worlds long gone and I have watched Dragons of all colors circle and land in its grounds.

The tower is a place of great power, great beauty and if rumors be believed, great horrors. I personally have never seen these horrors that are whispered of, but I also believe one could roam its hallways for a lifetime and never see all it has to offer.

It is said that the Tower appeared during ‘The Arrival’ and once stood on the homeworld of the Izon, some say it still stands there as well. What we as a world know, is that the last time it’s master left it’s walls the Court of Terringorn was totally destroyed, and I have heard from some of the ancients in the Supremacy that the only times that Chastormax, the Master of the Tower, leaves its grounds, momentous things occur, some great, some terrifying, but all momentous.

I know first hand just how skilled the practitioners who have studied at The Tower are, having journeyed to the Shdowfell in a party with one of them. The cool calm skill with which they spun their magic weaves, and the speed at which they did, saved us all on many occasions. The only thing that I find lacking in the mages of the Tower is their sense of wonder, for they seem to approach everything with the same calm collected manner they approach using their magic.

The Prismatic Tower is a place of sanctuary and learning for those who call it home and a place of mystery and magic for everyone else. I look forward to my next visit and spending time amongst the artifacts in its halls.

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