From ‘The collected notes and memories of great places in Vanagard, Volume 1’ by Professor Albert Lynath

Nestled on a remote island in the Sea of Kyrre sits Brightshore Keep. Here, the representatives of the lords of the nations of Vanagard meet to mediate, debate, and hammer out new treaties and agreements.

The seaways to Brightshore Keep are busy with messenger craft and are well patrolled. The town that sits within the walls is prosperous and the atmosphere for the most part is calm and peaceful. Walk along its streets and you will encounter Elves from Gallia, Barbarians from Hastur, Lordlings from Saragan and all other manner of Vanagards peoples. Peace is maintained by the Arcus, an order of warrior monks who call Brightshore home. Their allegiance is to no lord and maintaining peace is the focus of their order.

Sit a while and you may see a Knight of St Heranous land mounted on one of their fabled Griffon mounts, a mage from the Fróðleikr-Skyn magically appear in the street, Dwarf Lords from the Deep Holds, Captains from the Living Fleet, and even occasionally Mrs Nogg just wandering up the street.

The stories you will hear are amazing, and the best and most incredulous are heard at ‘The Captains’, where the owner will regale you with tales tall enough even giants feel short next to them.

A word of warning though, do not under any circumstances draw a weapon or cast an offensive spell. The Monks of Arcus will know and how does one best put it? They are rather ‘efficient’ in dealing with such transgressions.

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