On the southern border of Saragan lies the kingdom of Iron, known as Untaila.

Ruled by “The Bastard King” Eoward the Black. King Eoward is a brigand at best, and a monster at worst.

His father Eowan the Conqueror claimed the throne through warfare, and Eoward claimed the throne for himself after his father’s untimely death. Many presume Eoward killed his father for the crown but none have proof of such.

Upon taking the throne King Eoward has ruled with an iron fist, enforcing a great deal of taxes upon his people and blaming their burdens on the nonhumans in the region.

He has convinced his supporters that elves were responsible for his father’s death, through assassination during a diplomatic mission that took place at the time. There was a great purge of elven kind in his lands, and many elven people have been imprisoned or worse.

Though King Eoward is a tyrant in his lands he maintains a peaceful border with other human nations, mainly due to the fact that his army is not big enough to challenge them with any real success.

The kingdom controls some great resources including very rich iron and salt mines. The inner city and castle of Nevannar is heavily fortified. What Eoward may lack in the ability to wage war on other nations he makes up for with an extremely defensible position.

Elven Kingdoms have all but declared war on King Eoward, it is rumored that bands of elves have been disrupting his supply caravans and routes, but no elven nation claims responsibility for these “bandits”. Unfortunately, these strikes only further stoke the fires of hate for elven kind among Eoward’s people.

For many years the men have been at war with one another, it is presumed by most that this in-fighting was fueled by greed more often than not, but there is a shared hatred for non-humans for a number of reasons. Long ago the elves sought to rule over men, seeing them as lesser beings. Humans were, for a time, united against the elves and fought for what is now known as the five kingdoms. These human kingdoms have barely tamed the lands on which they are founded. The political landscape is mostly vying for control over the realms held by mankind while balancing political relationships with the kingdoms of dwarves and elves.

The city of Nevannar has a history of warfare. Whoever the original creators of the city are have been long forgotten as it has traded hands more times than history can recount. Carved into a mountain range, the city is a sight to behold even with the dreary peasants who are littered among its stone halls. Though most support their king, there is an active resistance movement present in the kingdom. While Eoward’s loyalists do their best to hunt down and silence these rebels who seek to oppose Eoward’s rule. Most fight to end the people’s suffering by striking out with random acts of kindness. These rebels call themselves “The Free People of the South” regularly steal from nobles and tax collectors to aid the poor. Their leader, known only as The Crimson Dagger, claims that they will not rest until Eoward is served justice for the high crimes of regicide and patricide for killing his father, usurping his throne and blaming the elves. For this reason, most presume that The Crimson Dagger is in fact an elf themselves. Loyalist use this to stoke distrust among those who would join the rebels. Those caught accepting aid from the rebels are harshly and publicly punished, labeled as elf sympathizers. 

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