I get to play in a game!!

Exciting! Tomorrow I actually start playing in a fortnightly game!!!!!! Like as a player!!!!! One of my dearest friends is starting one up so on my Sunday afternoons and his Sat evenings I will be zooming in to join. Did I mention exciting!!

I will be playing a Gnome Artificer… my sense of humor got set off during a conversation about the game…

Chiminey is his name… His squirrel friend is called Chim… together they are ChimChiminey … all so I can sing/hum Mary Poppins songs during the game….

And I have my Gnome visualized. 3 ft tall in mismatched clothing; swashbuckler style boots, red trousers, yellow shirt, a floppy hat, a completely disorganized look. Apart from his tools -they are all organized. Now the important question…. where does the squirrel sit?

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