A tale told by Mrs Nogg to her family.

Gather around my children and let me tell you a tale of caution. It is a tale of terror striking from the mists and wreaking havoc on innocents, a tale of doors barred when the sea mists roll, a tale to keep you safe at night. It is a tale of the Mist Ghosts.

On quiet evenings, in coastal towns, the sea mists can rise. Most sea mists are just that, some however bring death and destruction. Too often over the centuries have towns gone silent and when an intrepid party go to investigate, are found razed to the ground and all inhabitants either missing or dead. There is never any sign of their attackers.

Stories are told of lone survivors stumbling into towns far away, babbling incoherently about magic in the mists, of strange ships landing on their shores, of tall thin raiders slaying all with axes and magic. These survivors never seem to get their full sanity back.

I have heard rumors that the main reason that the Supremacy maintains such strong coastal defenses is to keep their people safe from the Mist Ghosts. This rumor is more solid as I have discovered the Izon have a name for them, the HverHel. Of more interest is that the Tribes of Hastur call them the Hederhel, an interesting similarity.

Way down south in the continent of Shalydr, the people fear not only the dead that stalk their lands, but also the Mist Ghosts. From personal experience, I have found they seem to fear the Mist Ghosts more than the dead.

So, my children, my beloved children, make sure you bolt your doors and bar your windows at night, and should a sea mist start to rise, get you and your family far away from whatever coast you are near. The thought of losing you forever is more than this mother’s heart can take.

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