Onto Destiny Episode 6

From the diaries of Isyadora. As the Herald of Ash collapsed to the ground, The paladin appeared a minute later with a glass of ale in his hand. “Ah, its over” he said, and sipped his ale in boredom. The group filled him in, and they got to looting the corpses – the rogue’s favorite …

Onto Destiny – Episode 5

From the diaries of Isyadora. The next notebook is crisp at the edges and looks like it has been struck through with lightning. The writing is rushed, and messy. It almost seems like the author is shifting personalities. They found themselves in the middle of a dark world. Faded screams could be heard from all …

A Package Arrived

So in exciting news a package from Wrymwood Gaming arrived. Exciting! Much unwrapping for dice excitement! I am unsure who was more excited by the dice – us or Beatrice the cat! The unwrapping!!!

The Rabbicorn Range Is Available Now!

Be very very quiet, the Rabbicorn spooks easily… If you are careful you can see it.. just overrrrr there… Dress to impress with the Rabbicorn range, carry your game books in an amazing tote, go to the gym showing your love for the cutest little familiar in the universe!

The Game of Dark Bunnys – My first game in forever as a player!

New Items in our Store – MERCH! of the Piano Mimic kind!

Yep you read it here first – there’s merch for the Piano Mimic in our store! T-shirts, Hoodies, Bags, Stickers, Mugs, Clothes for you little mimics, Masks and bags for your Laptops! Check it out! The Piano Mimic – He’s adorable!

I get to play in a game!!

Exciting! Tomorrow I actually start playing in a fortnightly game!!!!!! Like as a player!!!!! One of my dearest friends is starting one up so on my Sunday afternoons and his Sat evenings I will be zooming in to join. Did I mention exciting!! I will be playing a Gnome Artificer… my sense of humor got …

Finalized Art – Our Painting Monster

Here is the finalized art of our painting monster. Name needs work…..However you can now see him in all his creepy glory.#finalart #dnd #ttrpg

Working on T-Shirts for our local sports team

Working on the designs for our local medieval armored combat sports team. I am quite happy with the look. You can check out Felag, Medieval Armored Combat on Facebook or on Instagram. They are simply an awesome bunch of people. #crazybutcool

Finalizing some art

So we were asked to design a trident.. so we did. And to be honest, we are pretty happy with how it turned out. Here’s the concept and final art… stats still to be done…